Weight Management

The weight management programme I offer integrates hypnosis with other therapeutic tools to help you to make long term changes about how you relate to food and how you can have a healthy sustainable lifestyle balance.

Personal experience of success!

I used this programme to manage my own weight and made a considerable and sustained weight reduction and now live for the first time in 20 years at a healthy weight. (details here)

Making good choices and healthy portions

The programme consists of hypnosis to help you identify how to eat so that you fully enjoy your food, you eat appropriate portions and you don’t binge to manage your emotions.

Take control of your eating.

The other therapeutic tools will help you deal with binge eating, being triggered to eat when you are not really hungry but eating to manage feelings or to satisfy a feeling of boredom. I will teach you techniques to raise your awareness of your current eating patterns and also effective techniques to regain control of the negative eating that you are experiencing.

Alongside this I will also highlight practical steps you can make to manage yor eating. Many of these practical steps are contained within this website and new techniques are added all the time so keep checking in to learn more and more. Many of the techniques are sourced from the newest research around what governs our eating and also what are the most effective techniques to address this. 

Long term weight loss not a quick fix

If you want a quick fix, a dramatic weight loss, then this is not healthy or sustainable and hypnosis will not be appropriate for you.  For me I lost a significant amount in the first three months and this then reduced to a loss of 1 to 2 lbs per week until I reached very close to my BMI healthy weight and then I lost a pound every couple of weeks afterwards. My experience is not unusual but all weight experiences are unique.

Group Weight Management

I offer a bespoke service which allows group hypnotherapy for weight loss. This is a great cost effective alternative to one-to-one, can be fun and a more social approach to developing new eating skills and is very effective for planned events like a weddings and holidays.

At this moment in time I will only take groups up to 6 people at a time but hope soon to be able to take more.

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