The Wedding Diet for Special weight loss occasions

A Wedding diet is a really strong motivator for making long lasting weight changes. My hypnosis practice offers a great way to get you to the perfect weight for your perfect day. I will support you to identify and reach a realistic goal for your wedding and help you to manage all the difficulties which can stop you looking perfect for the day.

I have used all the techniques myself to lose over 6 stones and maintain that weightloss by hypnosis without skipping a meal, starving myself or doing anything unhealthy.

I run a regular hypnosis group where anyone who wants to lose weight for a special event can have the benefits of hypnosis and strategies to deal with emotional and unhealthy eating approaches and group support. Using group weight management helps to build greater motivation and plan for any occasions which may undermine your long term goals. This cost effective way of accessing treatment can support you all the way to your big day as it is so cost effective.


For intense weight management support for your Special Day I offer personal consultation. One to one sessions of hypnosis and support around your food triggers, will help you with healthy weight loss and look perfect on your special day.


The Wedding Diet hypnosis package uses all the tools mentioned throughout this website alongside having the benefit of enjoying your weight changes with a group of people with the same goals as yourself.

The programme looks at your goals, helps deal with overeating, getting your emotional eating back in check whilst helping to deal with any stresses and fears you have around the big day which may result in you overindulging.

The programme is available to anyone working towards an event when you want to look your best.

Personalised Group Service

I can offer an exclusive group service if you want to have your own group, open only to people that you invite, perhaps the wedding party, or you are the groom and want your and the men to look and feel at their best. So lose weight and develop your own weight management skills whilst spending time with your friends.

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