Positive Hypnosis Testimonials

To give you an idea of the work I do, here are some of the Positive Hypnosis Testimonials I have received.

They cover the range of works from addictive behaviours, alcohol, gambling and eating disorders to anxiety, anger, self anger,  low self esteem and Stress. 

Burnout (depression, stress and anxiety)

Doctors get sick too

When I look back on my first meeting with Dave, I can barely recognise the shell of myself and person who I had become.  It’s taken me nearly a year to write this testimonial, part of that might be that it has taken time for me to look back and process the changes that have happened to me and my life over that time.

I am a doctor, a GP. I had a breakdown. I’m young and it was unexpected but looking back the signs were there for a few years. Some might call it an episode of anxiety. Some might call it burnout. The English dictionary interestingly defines burnout as to wear ones self to a shadow, that’s what I felt like. Whatever your vocabulary for the situation, it’s pretty awful and it’s a very lonely place.

I remember sitting in my car on the way to work chanting ‘I’m so stressed, I’m so stress, I’m so stressed’ to myself. I started watching back-to-back boxsets of anything on my ipad so I didn’t have to process the emotions I was feeling, I’m informed this is called displacement! I started to cancel social events and stop leaving the house, home to work and back, feeling better as the weekend dawned. I was like a walking zombie; the lights were off….

The final straw was my birthday party. Every year I throw a house party for friends and family, usually a lot of food and dancing. That particular year, I organised and invited people as usual but leading up to the day I felt more unwell. On the night I couldn’t eat or drink anything because I felt sick, I had palpations and felt clammy. At 10pm after trying to put on a happy face, I took myself to bed and left the party to continue without me. I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling, listening to the party going on below and realised I was unwell and needed help.

I was dreading my first session, but it was actually okay….. I was in therapy…. No judgement…. No counselling…..just me……the recovery began. Slowly over the next few weeks and months Dave helped me work through a tailored range of sessions with different techniques, each feeling like pieces of a jigsaw fitting back together.

The system I work in (the NHS) is broken and for someone who cares about others it is heartbreaking. People die, people are sick, people are angry and people are sad – my jobs means having to deal with this and help ‘fix’ people in 10 mins. I’ve learnt I can do that. I’ve realised I’m more of a cheerleader than a player on the team.

One fundamental change for me was some work we did around language. I have a very naughty nasty voice of self-doubt in my head telling me I am not good enough. I had a constant chatter saying that I shouldn’t be where I am and that if the ‘patient’ had seen someone else they would have been sorted/treated/managed better. We quietened this voice down and did work around my internal vocabulary.

The work I have done with Dave has made me more productive and I now have greater outputs but without detrimental impact on my life. I am assertive and I am learning to say no to things. I left my clinical job and now locum, I am doing research, I have travelled the world, I do things that make me happy like taking a bubble bath, cooking for friends, taking photos of nature.

I have an image of my journey which Dave helped me to picture - I am on the side of a mountain climbing towards the top, if you take you eye off the path you get lost (you stop focusing on things that help your mental health), sometimes you unexpectedly drop off a little ledge (break up relationship/crash your car etc) but you recover. The route to the top of the mountain is the route to your potential, it’s infinite, you never reach perfect mental health but to move upwards you need to learn what works for you and what doesn’t, put boundaries in place to protect yourself and your rights in life.

I have recommended so many people and patients to Dave that I worry someone will think I have shares in his business.

I believe in what he does. Give yourself a chance to be the best version of yourself.

D Testimonial submitted Dec 2017

Severe Anxiety and Depression

Prior to gaining treatment in therapy, my mental health had been snowballing for the last six years until I finally reached my breaking point. I was having an onslaught of panic attacks in public places for reasons unknown to me, which subsequently fed my depression to the point of suicidal thoughts. At my lowest point, I had cut nearly all connections with my family and friends due to my uncontrollable spouts of anger, irritability and severe lack of motivation. This then negatively influenced my time at University as I became more and more drone-like; channelling the very little focus I had left into working exhausting hours. In a desperate search for escapism, I emotionally displaced myself into video games which turned the entire situation into one relentless, vicious cycle.

When I was having a panic attack in the majority of my lectures, I knew I had to take action in an attempt to get my life back in control. I managed to finally allow my feelings to disgorge to my immediate family, who in turn told me to make an appointment with my local GP. After being told the waiting list for therapy on the NHS was over 2 months, I was allocated a dose of beta blockers for my anxiety and anti-depressants for my depression. As I plead for a shorter wait time, my GP passed me Dave's number out of personal recommendation.

When I first contacted Dave, I originally sent him an email as I felt completely uncomfortable ringing a random individual and offloading my personal issues, therapist or no therapist. Dave arranged to speak to me on the phone the following day, allowing myself a little time to formulate what I wanted to say. I can remember drastically panicking, thinking that my issues weren't worthy of seeing a therapist and that I would be wasting Dave's time. However, after my conversation with Dave on the phone, it felt like for the first point in a long time my snowballing mental health issue began to slow down ever so slightly. My positive transition had begun.

The first session I had with Dave was comprehensive, but it took only 5 of those minutes for me to be completely invested in him. After he had conducted a formal assessment on my issues in order to tailor the following therapy sessions directly to my needs, I started to make connections as to why I was feeling the brunt end of my anxiety and depression. It was an accumulation of emotional displacement, a recent long-term break up with a partner, the stresses of University deadlines and myself being a very passive person (I used to always put other needs before my own).

The treatment I received was nothing like I had imagined, for the better. Dave has a very soothing approach in which his sessions naturally flow. He gave me the toolkits that helped me to progress and move forward whilst using creative analogies that allowed me to understand situations much more clearly. One of the most important aspects I rapidly realised was that Dave and I were a team. After allocating my toolkits, it was up to me to put these into practice outside of the therapy sessions. With hard work on my half, progression quickly started showing with my family and friends and I began rebuilding those burnt bridges. I became much calmer within myself, not breaking down in panic about what the future holds and instead accepting what was happening in my present life. In all truthfulness, the phenomenal progress I have made in my  sessions shocked me at first, but now I understand that it is due to myself putting Dave's therapy homework's into practice.

Sincerely, I can't remember the last time I felt this confident and empowered. My self-awareness now compared to when I first started therapy is unrecognisable. My life goals have completely changed from desiring a job in creative IT to now wanting to learn a language and travel abroad for a lengthy period of time. After my sessions I have found myself in a state of euphoria, wanting to reach out to people in similar positions that I was in last October. I have already recommended Dave to a handful of people in my life. 

 Unquestionably, I feel I owe Dave my eternal gratitude for guiding me through such a difficult period of my life and my family are ecstatic to know that I'm better than I ever have been before.  Ironically, I will be sad knowing I no longer will be seeing Dave on a regular basis; however I am elated to eagerly start the next chapter of my life free of anxiety and depression.


Testimonial submitted by  'J' June 2017

Explosive Anger and Anxiety

Before meeting Dave I had issues with extreme outbursts of anger directed at the people I loved the most. I came to Dave on the recommendation of a friend, not having any experience of therapy or counselling and not knowing what to expect. As a person who previously struggled to open up I always felt very relaxed around Dave right from very off. Dave has a unique talent to make you feel comfortable from the very first moment. From this point it became easier to identify and navigate round my own thoughts and feelings, which was the starting point for me taking control of my emotions. In the end, we barely covered anger. That’s because Dave’s treatments focus on the cause, rather than the effect. He treats the person, not the problem. The treatment I received was bespoke to my particular needs, and evolved over the course and explored avenues I never realised were relevant to my anxieties. It was hard not to be engrossed in the direction the treatment took, fuelled by my desire to make a positive change. I was going through a very difficult time and the work I did with Dave energised me to come out the other side feeling positive about my life, and the new direction I was about to take it! Dave hasn't changed my life. He's given me the tools to change it myself. Which is much more powerful. I cant thank him enough.

Testimonial submitted by "R' February 2017

Severe Anxiety and Sleep

I approached Dave in June 2015 as I had been having difficulty sleeping and in particular, sharing a bed with a partner, for around 5 years. This had led to a break down of a relationship and I felt that I wanted to tackle it straight on as I was entering a new relationship with somebody very special and I didn't want to repeat the past. 

I initially thought Dave could  "fix" the sleeping problem straight away but after visiting Dave for the first time I realised that my anixety was much more deep rooted than just sleeping. In fact, my general anxiety was causing me to try and control my sleeping behaviour.  I realised that I had been highly anxious about a range of issues since childhood but had never tried to understand it or tackle it before. My self confidence was low and I was always doubting myself and feeling guilty. 

Seeing Dave changed my perspective and mindset. I realised that I had been neglecting my feelings and emotions for years (probably my entire life) and I had been neglecting my needs. I had turned into a control freak around sleeping because I didn't feel in control of anything else in my life. I was using unkind language towards myself on a daily basis, always feeling guilty about upsetting others and I just didn't understand myself. 

I am, and will probably always be, a work in progress but Dave's techniques have given me an inner calm that I have never had before. I am less likely to fall apart under pressure because I understand how to push back, be assertive and look after my needs. I almost never feel guilty anymore because I know I am a kind person and that I (almost always) act in a way that is respectful towards others. I am much happier to tell people what I am thinking now and to not please others for the sake of it. 

I have a demanding job and sometimes the anxious thoughts come back when I am stressed and neglecting my needs but I have learnt that my negative thoughts are not me. They are a product of me not looking after myself properly. When I feel my anxious thoughts coming back, I concentrate on looking after myself and funnily enough, they start to dissapate. Distraction techniques, breathing exercises and muscle relaxation exercises have also helped me to stop getting stuck in negative thought patterns. I know that my life will never be perfect but I am pleased that I have techniques to tackle situations when my negative thoughts come back. 

I would highly recommend approaching Dave if you are dealing with anxiety issues. He offers an initial free consultation which did wonders for me as he was able to explain his treatment methods and how we would work together before I fully committed to the treatment programme. Dave is a lovely person to be around and made me feel extremely at ease and happy in his company. I actually miss my sessions with him because he is such a positive force! 

Testimonial submitted by 'C'  December 2016

Severe Anxiety and Depression

After years of suffering severe anxiety causing me to suffer from depression, I decided to do something about it. I suffered from anxiety for years, mainly due to a controlled upbringing, therefore I began to lose self-control, confidence, and began to let other control my existence.

As a child I thought the feelings of anxiety were just normal or there must have been something wrong with me. But as you grow older you realise that anxiety is not ok, and no one deserves to live a life with it. I began to see different therapists but nothing seemed to work as I always ended up back on my tablets.

Then I was recommended to see Dave by word of mouth. At first I was slightly sceptical as I had seen other therapists before who wasted my time, and although Dave had many good reviews, so did all the others. When I first went see Dave, I felt a bit lost, as many problems and under lying issues had built up over the years, and I was struggling to make sense of why I had anxiety and depression myself. This didn’t faze Dave one bit, as he is so knowledgable and very precise at getting to the route of the cause.

After a few therapy sessions things started making sense to me... he pointed out that I was living my life for others and not for myself, and he was right! After a few months of hypnotherapy and therapy sessions learning about the ‘tools’ he teaches, my life started to feel like it was coming together after all. And best of all it was coming together for me, and not just for me to fit in with the people around me. I gained my confidence back, and began to feel a sense of independence again.

Now I can confidently say from experience of having therapy with Dave. There is definetly a light at the end of the tunnel! I am off my medication, I feel comfortable in my own skin, I know how to handle my anxiety and emotions, and I finally feel like I am existing! All I can say is I wish I had met Dave sooner! It may have taken 23 years to be completely happy in my own skin, but now I am finally in this place, I can definitely say it was worth the wait! 

Testimonial submitted by 'R' August 2016

Bulimia and Anxiety

For 30 years I had a secret. I made myself vomit after eating and I didn’t know why, only that it soothed me and made me feel calm. I always felt shame afterwards and resolved never to do it again – until the next time. I did this in secret for all of my adult life whilst having a successful nursing career, completing a Law degree, running a home and raising two children.

In early 2015 stress at work was overwhelming and I began to feel physically ill, I wasn’t sleeping and I felt tearful and anxious.  I was convinced my vomiting was the cause of my physical symptoms and I was very scared. So I stopped the habit that for so many years had calmed and numbed me. My anxiety shot through the roof and I had to take time off work.

Then I was given a lifeline – I called Dave and made an appointment the same day. He was only the second person I had told about my bulimia and the shame I felt, having told a trusted friend days earlier whilst shedding many tears. Dave immediately made me feel at ease. He listened and supported me to tell my story. He then advised me that I could get better with his help and a lot of work and commitment on my part.

Just hearing this made me feel hopeful as I had been feeling nothing but dread, fear and anxiety that my life was over and I was going to continue sinking into a black hole of depression.

Dave became my coach, advisor, mentor, hypnotherapist and acupuncturist and along the way we also had a few laughs! He taught me how to get in touch with my feelings and I began to understand that I used my eating disorder as a way to avoid how I felt. Over a long time I had learnt to avoid my emotions. One of Dave’s mantras was ‘manage your feelings or they will manage you’. I started journaling and writing about my feelings and thoughts and this was really helpful in raising my awareness.

Through therapy I have, with Dave’s help and guidance, and a lot of hard work on my part, developed an emotional and practical toolkit which has been enormously beneficial in helping me move from my eating disorder to a place where, I have not vomited once and nor do I feel the need to. Now, when I feel a little lonely or sad or bored or any other ‘uneasy feeling’ for which I would resort to my eating disorder, I get out my ‘toolkit’ and before I know it I am feeling good about myself again. And better still -the more I do this the easier it gets!

I can’t thank Dave enough for the help and wise counsel he has given me. I no longer have an eating disorder after thirty years, which feels amazing! If I can get better with the right support anyone can! My future now looks and feels bright. I want to give back and help others and now I am equipped with the right tools I have the resilience to do this and I have Dave to thank from the bottom of my heart for giving me that gift.

Testimonial Submitted  by 'J'  May 2016

Trauma and Grief

This testimonial comes from someone who reached out to Dave at a time of desperation. I was in a very vulnerable place due to extra ordinary circumstances. Dave could have quite easily have taken advantage of the situation but in fact advised me to  access support groups that he had researched for me, and also to first go away and look at the other avenues of help which I had already committed to. However, soon later I was back, needing Dave’s help.

Dave will not solve your issue, instead he does something far more powerful. He helps/guides/leads you to find the necessary skills within you to solve them yourself, allowing you to see the future in a much more positive manner.

 And for that Dave, I thank you!

Testimonial Submitted  by 'S'  February 2016

Severe Anxiety and Emetaphobia

I have previously received treatment from other therapists from the age of fourteen for an ongoing and, at times, debilitating anxiety condition and although these previous periods of therapy have brought some benefits their effectiveness always suffered from one major failing – my memory loss! Remember the old adage “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand.” Dave is the only professional from whom I have received therapy that takes the time and trouble to prepare and email his patients a personalised report after each session. The report is always very detailed and totally specific to my own condition and what was discussed at the session and is often accompanied by guidance notes. My longest report was six A4 pages!

 These reports, for me, are incredibly important and are an essential aid particularly over the initial period after therapy has finished when at times you feel the need for guidance and support. I even decided to prepare a resume of all the reports which has become my “aide memoire” which helps to reinforce Dave’s guidance particularly when life throws up the odd challenge from time to time. As Dave says “right is not normal and normal is not right” so having a reference document I find is very helpful when I am trying to embed new thoughts and behaviours as it is so easy to fall back into old learned habits. I’ve now shared this resume with my partner and also my children and this degree of openness and discussion in our family has brought many benefits, not only for me, but also for my family.

 I have learnt so much, from the difference between anxiety and stress and the realisation how I invite anxiety into my life through how I talk, how I think, how I act and that by managing my thoughts and behaviour I can significantly improve the quality of my life.  The increased level of self-awareness stops me using phrases like “I should” or “I ought to.”

 One particular “light bulb” moment was Dave’s concept of the “Economic Man versus Satisficer Man.” I have always been a highly driven type of person so this certainly was the battleground for change and made me realise that I was measuring my success on almost solely economic grounds, such my career progression, the size of my house and car, in other words defining success in materialistic terms alone. This approach caused me to sacrifice my own needs in favour of the needs of my employer whereas I’ve now started building a balance into my work day to incorporate time for personal fulfilment which makes me feel more energised, calmer and content. Certainly, being more overtly aware of my own needs and diarising them has helped to keep them prioritised during times of competing agendas. I now realise that putting my own needs first has resulted in making me a better partner, a better parent, a better friend.

 Dave’s driving analogy is also very enlightening. I’ve never forgotten that he is the driving instructor and I am the learner driver and sometimes it can be exhausting maintaining the right approach when you have to continuously think about it as a deliberate and considered act, whereas mismanaging my needs is often an easier and more normal feeling. However the hard work is worth it many times over and the result is that my “joie de vivre” has once again returned with a vengeance!

Thanks Dave for all your help. You are an incredibly talented person and I do hope that by reading this testimonial others will be encouraged to benefit from Dave’s professionalism and expertise.

 Testimonial Submitted  by 'N'  January  2016 

Positive hypnosis Testimonials for 2015

Alcohol Addiction

One day nearly a year ago now, I made a decision that was life changing.  I rang Dave.

I like most people in this life have had my fair share of dramas, upsets and hard times.  I am now retired, I have always considered my life as eventful but very full.  Hey, three husbands, travelled  the world, brilliant career, bought up two amazing children, a life packed with memories and heaps more to make.  But..... I have always liked drinking, mostly this has been fairly controlled, but with quite a few memorable past incidents, ask my daughter.  Over the last couple of years, it got totally out of control.  The death of a close relative was the catalyst for me,
giving myself permission to drink every night. I always went to bed drunk, this affected my health, my self esteem, my relationships, my whole well being.

Now........ Ringing Dave ........ Me ask for help, for therapy..... Never I was far too cynical, I have always managed haven't I, I didn't need help, never, not me!

Aaah well, I finally rang, and set up a half hour free chat.  This actually turned into nearly an hour and was almost fun.  I didn't feel awkward or embarrassed, it was like chatting to a friend.
Finally I made the commitment, wow ...... After the first session I was shocked,  no mention of alcohol but talking about my feelings. Over the course of a few sessions I began to understand myself and why I was drinking.  If you step back and look at yourself, its actually quite simple. I call it emotional drinking, sad, angry, frustrated, happy, bored.  Oh anything will do.  Dave gave me the tools to learn to deal with my emotions without needing alcohol. Its hard work, but gradually I didn't feel the need for disguising or numbing what I was feeling.  Dave is always there in the background, always supportive, never judging.  Its not a straight line forward but I learnt not to give my self a hard time but learn and move on.

A few months ago I also gave up anti depressants, after years of use. The tsunami of feelings knocked me sideways for a short while, but applying the same tools and with Dave's support, I am now the real me. Not perfect, bit snappy at times, quite emotional, but you know what, I like the real me. 

My life is entirely different now I have found the big S, as I call it Serenity.

Testimonial Submitted  by 'S'  2015 

Gambling Addiction

This is what I needed for this very moment in my life. To love and respect myself.

I didn’t have time for tears, it was time for me to make a step forward and change. I’m very tired of crying and for this particular course in my life, I needed help, not a crying shoulder.

The tools provided helped me cope with the triggers that make me want to gamble.  Each week with Dave I look forward to our session, to learn, and ultimately help myself in dealing with my addiction. Because of Dave’s knowledge and understanding the human emotion, he was able to help me learn a lot about myself, and how to love and accept my past errors, and move forward.

I’ve been happier, and more at peace with myself. I’m a much better person to be around, and live a much more positive life. The sessions were a positive impact on me personally.

As time went by I look forward to excel and learn more about myself, and tools to achieve a sense of calm and happiness.

If you need help to make a positive impact and help you with your course in life, reach out and contact Dave.

I just want to say Thank you.

Testimonial Submitted  by 'A'  2015 

Emotional Eating Stress and Anxiety

I initially contacted Dave for hypnotherapy for weight loss.  I was also interested in his ability to help with anxiety and stress, which I felt was also a 'bit of an issue'.  I hadn't realised how much my work related anxiety had been affecting me, my family and my performance.  Or had I...???  

After treatment, when I now look back, I am quite shocked by how I was living my life.  Anyhow, quite quickly Dave had me addressing what was happening, and gave me some extremely valuable tools to use.  I was impressed by how effective they were, not just with my behaviour but also with the behaviour of others.  

With these tools, Dave can make you look at - and look for - all the good things that happen in your everyday life.  I hadn't realised that I was so anxious I couldn't 'count my blessings' which I now do every day.  And it is lovely.  Surprise, surprise, I am now well over a stone lighter.  How did that happen..??  

Colleagues have said how different I look, and not just the weight loss.  Unnecessary anxiety is a thing of the past and I now sleep better than ever....!!  Can definitely recommend visiting Dave. 

Testimonial submitted By 'S'   2015

Severe Anxiety

Before I met Dave I found the simple things difficult. I rarely slept, I lacked motivation, I was constantly angry at myself and I started to fear all the things I used to enjoy. I lived in a bubble I created for myself where I constantly mind read those around me causing severe anxieties and spent too much time trying to do for others and not looking after myself. I was damaging my relationships and damaging my career with self doubt and angry outbursts. I was sceptical at the start of treatment and nervous about what it may include.

Dave was welcoming and friendly right from the start, helping me to feel more comfortable with every visit. I initially expected treatment to last a year but I surprised myself with my progress, Dave and I became a partnership and my progress was only able to happen because I took on board the homeworks Dave set me and slowly learned new phrases and actions that progressed me as a person and helped me aware of how I was actually feeling.

For me one of the most import things I learned was my use of the word sorry. To others it looks likes an insignificant word but to me it represented exactly how I saw myself, my constant use of the word suggested my feelings towards myself as lesser than those around me. I slowly learned to curb my use of the word and I couldn't believe the change. I started to approach people and situations in a more positive manner.

Nothing physical in my life has changed, I still have the same job, girlfriend and social circles, but I feel like a completely different person. I am calmer, confident and fully able to communicate to myself and those around me and I have a positive outlook to my future and feel fully able to deal with everything that I approach.

At the time, contacting Dave was one of the hardest things I'd ever done, to admit how I was feeling to a complete stranger, but I now see it as the most important thing I've ever done. I urge anyone who feels anything like what I felt to give Dave a try, a happier, calmer you awaits.

Testimonial submitted by 'J'  2015

Severe Anxiety

Before I spoke to Dave I had lived with my anxiety for over 10 years. I say lived, but it was more existing, as my anxiety actually stopped me from living it.

I was always nervous about 'what if?' In any situation and worried about possible outcomes. If any of that seems familiar one piece of advice I would give would be to call Dave and if what he says makes sense, then see it through to an appointment and don't let you talk yourself out of it.

From the first session with Dave I started to understand more about why I got anxious. The frustration when I got anxious was the main thing I hated, why did it happen to me? Why was I such an idiot? Why couldn't I just deal with trivial situations like a normal person?

Dave helped me to become more aware of my anxiety and what caused it, and then built on this giving me tools with which I could then deal with the anxiety. It isn't all just theory and talk either, Dave gave me 'home works' to do, which helped me realise more and more about what I was capable of dealing with, until it all clicked into place and was like a structured explosion of clarity. I still get nervous in some situations, but I know this is normal, and I have tools to be able to deal with this.

I feel more capable and a lot more sure of myself, thanks to Dave.

Testimonial submitted by 'M'  2015

Anxiety and Relationships

I longed for help at the end of a bad relationship and I initially seeked a hypnotherapist for a quick route out of my 'depression'. 

Before meeting Dave I wouldn't even eat the food I wanted. My life revolved around others and for the majority of my life, I have lived to please others and to say yes. 

I was so low at the time that it was even a struggle for people to get in contact with me, but Dave was always so pleasant and opted to email me and leave voicemails when I felt I couldn't physically answer.

After a phone call and assessment with Dave he told me that I wasn't at all depressed but it was anxiety that caused me to feel the way I did. I had had a pain on my stomach too. I never thought that a pain in my stomach could consume my life as much as it had done.

I've always enjoyed the idea of a person being able to observe me and suss out all of my issues, weaknesses, mannerisms and qualities. By Dave doing this he was able to create me a 'toolkit' to enable me to live the life I want to live. 

After each session I felt like Dave could read me like a book and due to his accuracy and enthusiasm for his work I felt I could put my life and wellbeing into his hands.

Within weeks the pain in my stomach was gone and he explained why it was anxiety that caused it.

I'm truly grateful to have been able to better myself with his aid and turn my sessions into more of a 'partnership' instead of a previous client/therapist relationship. 

Being as young as I am, a 19 year old woman,  I'm fully aware I could've been placed into the wrong care quite easily. I understand that there are some clients out there who must've gone through some terrible experiences with other people or methods to overcome their problems but for me I was put into the right care first time around. 

I've never felt like I could stand on my own two feet without feeling like the floor was going to crumble beneath me, but these days I feel almost unstoppable. I don't remember being this in touch and in control with myself and for this I am truly grateful to Dave. 

 Testimonial submitted by 'G' 2015

Anxiety and Professional Anxiety

Initially, I was quite resistant to treatment and really reluctant to try any of the tools Dave suggested. But six week in, after daily emails from Dave, something changed and from then on my life completely changed!

When I started I would never have believed it if someone told me about the person I would become. I have been anxious all my life and although I still get anxious, I now understand it and know how to manage it.

My work life has completely changed and I can focus on progressing in my career rather than just trying to manage my anxiety and lack of confidence.This journey hasn’t been easy, but Dave’s enthusiasm and passion have stopped me from giving up.

Once I got into it treatment was great and I really, really enjoyed it and, because of Dave’s sense of humour was rather fun!  

I would not hesitate to say that Dave has been absolutely brilliant and my family and I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work with me.

  Testimonial submitted by 'H'  2015

Confidence and Anxiety

"When I first came to see Dave I didn't understand why I felt so anxious all the time. I just knew that for the past 10 years or so I had felt progressively more hopeless and disconnected from the world and I knew I had to try to do something about it.

A friend had told me about Dave after having a sucessful treatment for a phobia. So on her recommendation I went along for a consultation.

I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dave listened to me and worked with me to identify the root cause of my anxieties and has taught me essential skills that I can now use to live my life in a positive and satisfying way.

I am writing this after session 5 and in this short time the way in which I see the world has changed immeasurably. My self respect and confidence have grown massively, I am communicating more effectively which has helped to strengthen my relationships and as a result my life is already richer and more fulfilling than I can ever remember it being.

I now have the hope of a bright, positive and satisfying future and 5 weeks ago I would not have dreamed that this would be possible."

 Testimonial submitted by 'K' 2015

Addictive behaviour - Alcohol 

I came to Dave because I had read the website and really did not have anyone else to turn to. We chatted on the phone and he really did get me.

To start with I was skeptical about his expectations and how he seemed to know what I needed. The email after each session were essential and as I did the homeworks I noticed the difference almost straight away. 

Within a couple of weeks my family were telling me how different I was and I started to feel more hopeful as I became more and more confident in myself. I never thought therapy could be this much fun.

The most important bit for me was Dave's openess to change the sessions based on whatever I learned that week. Dave's a willingness to ignore his planning and to make the session fit whatever I brought was so valuable. I have taken back control of my life and understand my addictive behaviour so much better.

Thanks Dave, you have a gift and a passion which is infectious.

Testimonial submitted by 'K' 2015

Addictive Behaviour  - Gambling and Anger

"It's payday...I feel bloody brilliant and couldn't care less about gambling right now! I may have a long way to go but I am happier now than I have been for a long time. 

Accept a compliment...you are a fantastic therapist Dave, Thankyou." 

Testimonial submitted by 'V'   2015

Anxiety, Confidence and Weight

Before I met Dave I always felt as though something was missing from my life. I felt that I was existing rather than living.  Having spent years feeling that something was wrong with me I finally took the step to do something about it and contacted Dave via his website.

I initially contacted Dave with a view to hypnotherapy to try to ‘fix’ me. Within minutes of our initial phone conversation I felt as though Dave saw me. He made observations that, although I found difficult to hear at the time, truly struck a chord with me.

Although it was always clear that Dave had a plan for our sessions, at the same time I always felt that he responded to the ‘me’ that was in the room and guided the sessions appropriately, changing the direction of therapy as appropriate.

The direction and speed of the therapy surprised me. Within a matter of weeks I, and others around me, had begun to notice the changes. The therapy has helped to open my eyes to see how my thoughts and behaviour was affecting the way I felt about myself. The ‘toolkit’ Dave has given me has helped me to begin to adapt my behaviour so as to improve my relationship with myself and others. When I look back over the summary e-mails that Dave sent me after each session the speed and direction of progress is amazing!

Dave says that he understands me because I make sense, true as that may be, I feel that he has an amazing way of seeing people for the individual that they are and the potential that they have in them. That, along with his experience and obvious enthusiasm for his work has made the therapy a truly valuable and enjoyable experience.

My one regret is that I didn’t find Dave sooner. I have made changes in my life that I would never have believed possible, let alone in such a relatively short space of time.  I can now genuinely say I am happier than I can remember being and believe that I can continue to grow toward the potential that Dave saw in me at our first meeting. I am excited for the future…. Thank you Dave!

Testimonial submitted by 'E'  2015

Eating Disorder and Anxiety

"Dave has helped me to make massive changes to my life in a few sessions by giving me techniques and tools that are easy to put in place. We have focussed on the future and on being positive. I needed someone to guide me through and he has done that, amazing!"

Testimonial submitted by 'S'  2015

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