Solution Focused Therapy

Solution focused therapy is a key tool used to help you move forwards. It is a useful tool to address almost all issues including addictions,  weight management, smoking, and many personality change issues like anxiety.

The approach is something which you can use on yourself and is another out of trance approach which helps you to visualise your future and elicit the positive feelings from that to keep you moving forwards. This technique is also useful for helping you to develop a clear pathway to your changed situation.

The therapies work by getting you to visualise the world without the problems you face now.

The Miracle question

The first to moving forwards can be to answer a question which helps you get any problems you have into perspective. No matter how bad things are, if they can be resolved this question can give insight into how to solve it.

"If the world is perfect what would you be doing in a years time?"

By answering this question it allows you to ignore any potential barriers and just focus on what you really want out of life.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to do. Where you want to be and any extra resources you need to achieve it you can then set about making your life better.

You picture and fully imagine what that would be like and feel like for you. From this point Solution Focused Therapy allows you to map backwards identifying the events and the things that needed to happen at each step to where you are today.

Examples of using Solution Focused techniques

A simple example may help it make a bit clearer:

A client wants to be a size 12 for her wedding (UK size 12) and she is a size 16 now.

The client describes the time when she is the desired weight and describes it as a time where she does not binge eat because she does not feel like it. Nor does she have big portions of food, nor does she use food as treat.

So we start at that point in the future, whenever it is, is not important. We step back from that time and ask what happened just before that to complete all the changes that needed to happen for her to reach her goal. She reports that she no longer over eats and rarely feels stressed. So we step back just before that time . I asked what happened just before that time.

She says that she started to reduce her portion sizes, but she knows that this is a symptom of how she feels so believes she needs to focus on other things but is not sure what.

She learned how to be assertive to express her needs.

And before that

She reports she learned to manage her feelings.

She learns how to identify her feelings instead of ignoring them by listening to how she feels instead of displacing and being too busy to recognise her own needs.

And just before that.

We are sat here with me discussing her future plans, this is where she is today

This technique is very powerful for people who are ready to move forward, but sure where to start. Sometimes clients are still emotionally raw and need time to experience the feelings that they are current feeling to allow the healing to take place, so that they are fully healed so that they can move forwards into a successful future.

If you want to use the techniques on Solution Focused Therapy be mindful that you are not displacing your feelings (being busy doing one thing so that you do not have to think about other more important issues).

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