Soberistas- Web based support for alcohol issues

Soberistas is a great web based support community that offers a space to offload, learn and support others who are trying to make changes in their lives. Set up less than two years ago it has circa 30K members who are learning to develop a new relationship with alcohol for today and for life.

Extra support of Soberistas.

If you are a member of the Soberistas Community and want to increase the support you have to build a strong foundation to your recovery. Positive hypnosis has developed a special package which will help you to boost your skills, your motivation and your knowledge and all at a huge reduction.

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Soberistas is access site where you can try out all the features for free and then see if it offer the right support for you. Already it is helping a huge number of people who are learning how to take back control of their drinking and get their lives back.

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