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Hi I am Dave Kneeshaw, I have a long history of working with drinking issues and wider addictions. Everyone is different, everyone's situation is unique and so I treat the person not the condition. I work with people from all back grounds helping them to find a better way to manage thier feelings instead of telling themselves and everyone aroudn them that they are fine when inside they feel empty, lost and like they are just existing and often acutely lonely even when they are surrounded by love and support.

My work has taken me to rehabs, prisons, psychiatric unit and secure units working with some of the most vulnerable people and in contrast some hugely successful people who have a high public profile and despite this feel not different as those who they believed they have nothing in common with.

Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, find the time to get the support you need; the sooner you access this support, the sooner you will find that the skills that you are finding hard to access are not lost but just dormant, waiting to be rekindled as soon as you are able to manage beyond alcohol.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy finding your recovery. 

Therapy will give you a better way to manage you so that you don't need to use alcohol to do it.

Some of the tools will help you to deal with:

  • Reduction
  • Triggers, Cravings and Urges
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Self acceptance and how to be kind to yourself
  • Self esteem
  • Lapse and relapse
  • Guilt
  • Anger and self anger
  • Filling the gap left by alcohol (Fulfillment)
  • Relationships
  • Plus much much more

Feedback from an attendee of last year's therapy day.

"I first met Dave last May(2015) at his London Therapy Day..

Although I'd joined Soberistas in October 2013 and read some of Daves' articles, other blogs and posts on the site I didn't fully commit to being sober until August 2014. However, the only thing I did was just stop drinking, started counting AF days but never quite got rid of the occasional binge habit so only had 88%-90% of complete sobriety that year (2014-2015),each slip being worse than the last.
One of my relapses occurred just before the meet up and, although I'd put my name down, I wasn't sure I'd make it, I was withdrawing from alcohol and was very ill, anxious , fearful and stressed. All the feelings I'd try to squash with my daily wine fixes.
My husband drove me there, no way could I have travelled  alone. I was feeling vulnerable, sceptical, slightly cynical and very afraid. But I needn't have been.

I left the meeting full of hope and optimism and started therapy with Dave in. June 2015 and thank goodness I did as since July 2015 I have been 100% sober and will continue to happily be so.
This year I have faced redundancies, work re-structuring, a disciplinary, maybe losing my job and major health issues during the year but I can honestly say that without Dave's guidance and unique form of therapy I would not be here today as this all culminated in a life & death event during the Christmas holidays of 2015/16.
Dave has given me tools to cope with anxiety and stress removing the need to self medicate with alcohol thereby allowing me the freedojm to fully recover from the collapse in my health. If I had not chosen to go to the  Dave's therapy day I wouldn't have survived the last 10 wks plus spent at home, with hospital and doctors appointments..scans, tests and x-rays I would be drunk every day with licence to drink 24/7( in my mind anyway) . Poor me I was entitled to bottles and bottles of wine after all this bad news, wasn't I ?

At the risk of sounding dramatic Dave probably saved my life.
I've tried to stop drinking for many years of being back on the wine after a 10 year stint of sobriety, I was actually a dry drunk, unhappy in my teetotalism  using things or food to ease the uncomfortable feelings.
I trained as an Addiction Counsellor, Recovery Coach and Therapist.. I got it didn't I ? Meeting Dave and him telling me that there was a part of the jigsaw puzzle  missing was a revelation. So this was why I slipped back into my old ways of dealing with life, I hadn't done any work trying to find what was missing.

Those days have gone, thanks Dave for showing me the way to a life of fulfillment and pleasure..."

Update FEB 2017 "Iam now 19 months in recovery and life is amazing in so many ways" Good luck to everyone on you. XX"

More info about working with Dave

Problematic Drinking

"I came to Dave to help get my drinking under control. I feared being like my mother. Before chatting to Dave I felt as if I had no real control in my life. I was overwhelmed and at times feeling quite depressed. The last few years have been challenging for me to say the least and I just felt useless, guilty , unhappy, unfulfilled.

I wasn't nervous talking on Skype as I use it for work but the first session opened up a lot about my past that was, I suppose, making me " stuck." I found Dave very easy going and very easy to talk to - I must have, as I really opened up during that first session. I really expected it to be a long haul but I got tools to deal with specific issues in my life from the first session and used the tools given to me straight away. I can't quite say when things changed for me but it was certainly within a few weeks. I started to feel in control, I started to accept the compliments graciously and everything just "unlocked" for me. People started to comment on the new confident me which was lovely. I could never have believed things could turn around so quick.

Dave said he just gave me the tools to turn my life around - I still continue to call him my lucky charm. I was delighted to be his first Skype client and even now although I have finished my sessions we still keep in touch.

It was one of the best decisions doing the sessions - 30 years of issues dealt with in 4 sessions. I have learned so much about myself and also how to deal with those who have a toxic effect in my life. A word to sum it up? Empowered!!!!"

Has life changed since therapy?

 What I do know is my life is in such a wonderful place I want to take no substance that will alter my emotions".

  • Therapy doesn't have to be hard, long or painful. I have worked with Soberistas now for over 2 years and in that time have helped people find their recoveries. Whether you have had problematic drinking for a relatively short period, perhaps 5 years, or much longer even a lifetime, treatment can help you take back control quickly. 
  • Treatment usually takes between 6 and 15 sessions. Most people report feeling different in a few sessions.
  • I have many clients who are still connected with Istas who you can connect with for support and guidance whilst you are accessing the personalised therapy that you need.
  • Therapy is tailored so sessions vary from an hour to longer if you make a break through near the end of the session.
  • All sessions come with a breakdown of the work done in each session.
  • Tools to help you grow, in skills, confidence, aspirations and fulfilment.
  • Homework tasks to help you grow.
  • Access to contact and support when away from the treatment sessions.
  • Aftercare: i am available for follow up support long after formal treatment has ended to guide you forwards.
  • Global support: This year I have helped Istas in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia using Skype.

I will give you tailored tools to deal with your life

Therapy will help you to:

  • Stop drinking,
  • Reduce your excessive alcohol drinking, 
  • Reduce Binge-drinking,
  • Abstinence establishment
    By addressing the causes of your drinking instead of focusing solely on the symptoms, giving you more tools, more control and more confidence to make the right choices for you.

Alcohol Addiction

Dear Istas,

One day nearly a year ago now, I made a decision that was life changing.  I rang Dave.

I like most people in this life have had my fair share of dramas, upsets and hard times.  I am now retired, I have always considered my life as eventful but very full.  Hey, three husbands, travelled  the world, brilliant career, bought up two amazing children, a life packed with memories and heaps more to make.  But..... I have always liked drinking, mostly this has been fairly controlled, but with quite a few memorable past incidents, ask my daughter.  Over the last couple of years, it got totally out of control.  The death of a close relative was the catalyst for me,
giving myself permission to drink every night. I always went to bed drunk, this affected my health, my self esteem, my relationships, my whole well being.

Now........ Ringing Dave ........ Me ask for help, for therapy..... Never I was far too cynical, I have always managed haven't I, I didn't need help, never, not me!

Aaah well, I finally rang, and set up a half hour free chat.  This actually turned into nearly an hour and was almost fun.  I didn't feel awkward or embarrassed, it was like chatting to a friend.
Finally I made the commitment, wow ...... After the first session I was shocked,  no mention of alcohol but talking about my feelings. Over the course of a few sessions I began to understand myself and why I was drinking.  If you step back and look at yourself, its actually quite simple. I call it emotional drinking, sad, angry, frustrated, happy, bored.  Oh anything will do.  Dave gave me the tools to learn to deal with my emotions without needing alcohol. Its hard work, but gradually I didn't feel the need for disguising or numbing what I was feeling.  Dave is always there in the background, always supportive, never judging.  Its not a straight line forward but I learnt not to give my self a hard time but learn and move on.

A few months ago I also gave up anti depressants, after years of use. The tsunami of feelings knocked me sideways for a short while, but applying the same tools and with Dave's support, I am now the real me. Not perfect, bit snappy at times, quite emotional, but you know what, I like the real me. 

My life is entirely different now I have found the big S, as I call it Serenity.

From  A Serene  Ista Sister 

"I never thought treatment would be like this."

"I only called because I was desperate. I did not expect this."

"I said I wanted to feel a bit happier after 3 months. I did not hope for this and this, after 32 days."

"You have completely transformed my life in a few sessions. Thanks."

"I never expected to laugh so much."

"I have learned how to totally take control of my life."

"I have done things already that I would never have done before, that's why I email you when I realise how much I am growing each day."

"For the first time in a long time, I can imagine being fulfilled in my life."

"I thought we would spend all the time talking about drinking. We have hardly ever spoken about it. May a couple of times in the first sessions."

"You said I would feel more confident, capable and calm. I feel brilliant."

"I am encouraging as many others to come and speak with you."

"You have given me the confidence and the tools to be me. Thank you."

"You made me realise that alcohol is the symptom and gave me the tools and the confidence to sort myself out."

"The support is invaluable."

"After seeing other counsellors before, I realised I did not have the right person for me."

"You're a magical craftsman."

"You have totally changed my life."

"The tools are unique to me."

I don't know what to do for the best.

Therapy will help you develop the skills to understand what you do. If you are trying but still making little progress then taking time to have specialist help to give you the insight and skills to know what to do to make the right changes, in the right manner can support you to make rapid progress.

I can't go on like this.

Therapy can offer you the guidance to build motivation to work past each obstacle and grow with each challenge becoming more energised and more focused on your goals

I am not like the others, I just can't do this.

Therapy can offer you the tools and techniques to grow your self esteem, to develop self confidence, not only to deal with your drinking issue but also to take complete control of your life, your relationships, your career and help you reconnect with the real you.

How do I deal with all the others who drink in my life?

Therapy can give you  the tools to deal with friends and acquaintances who want to limit your potential by discouraging you from living the life you deserve.

How can I move on in my life when I have done those things?

Therapy can help you deal with the shame, humiliation and guilt that may still contribute to your drinking and guide you to accepting yourself for all your limitations and learn to restore self pride, integrity and the resources to deal with situations and the past on your terms.

I have been drinking for years I don't want to be in therapy for years

Therapy is accelerated learning, it will allow you to learn about what you do and why you do it quickly and effectively whilst also offering alternatives so that instead of drinking you make better decisions that are tailored to your lifestyle and your values.

Is this treatment all about hypnosis?

No I offer a range of services including hypnosis. The therapy I offer for alcohol issues centres around a mix of tailored talk therapy to help you to gain self awareness, CBT and NLP to build new ways of acting and feeling, personalised practical tasks to build your skills and self esteem, fulfilment awareness and  planning plus relapse prevention sessions. You have the options to have hypnosis at the end of these sessions to support you to embed all the tools that you have adopted.

Learn how to build a new relationship with alcohol

Over time you have learned that alcohol is a good way of dealing with unpleasant and unhelpful feelings. You have learned to view it as a solution, even though it is only temporary and for some people they even view it as a character that is present in many spaces in their life. Therapy will help you to break that link with alcohol. Therapy can teach you that alcohol is just a thing which, for some people, holds great risks. Therapy can give you back the feeling of choice, of control and a life which is full, fulfilling and one that has you at the centre of it instead of one where alcohol is a pivotal feature with your feeling lost, vulnerable and lonely.

What can I learn from therapy

Accessing therapy will give you a greater awareness of yourself. Without knowing what you think, say and do, you will find it very hard to work through those feelings which often confuse and overwhelm you. Therapy is a space to learn to be much more aware not only of what you do but also what options you are blind to. As we discuss options to dealing with situations differently I will support you to feel more confident about making those changes and offer specific personalised examples and strategies so that you are not revisiting the same problems and issues in your life, over and over without making any progress.

Learn new tools to manage your triggers

Triggers to use alcohol are many and varied. Over time people find ways to manage these triggers or they just give up, convinced that they will never find a way out of struggling with alcohol. I can support you to identify the tools which will have the most effectiveness for you. For some people triggers are present for a long time after they have found their way with alcohol. However it is how they respond that is different and also how they feel in themselves which impacts on the effects that triggers have.

Learn instant ways to change how you feel

There is a huge range of quick ways to change how you feel without using alcohol. Therapy will help you develop your own personal toolkit to plan for events where you need to manage a feeling  and have the confidence and expectations to make use of these tools.

Learn how to be assertive, develop self esteem, manage your mental health effectively and manage your moods.

Communication skills are vital for managing your life. Therapy will help you develop very clear assertiveness tools to allow you to communicate confidently who you are, as someone who has made changes around alcohol; but also to communicate your needs and feelings effectively so that you can live the life you want to, without being either passive and allowing others to take advantage of you or someone who only expresses their feelings through anger and frustration.

I will also offer a range of tasks which you can build into your life that will help reduce anxiety and stress, leaving you capable, more confident and able to feel calmer in your day to day living

Effective therapy can support you to manage your life the way you want and so reduce the extremes of your mood.

Aftercare Appointments

As a matter of course I support people to apply their new learning beyond the therapy suite by having regular contact via email to answer day to day queries.



For each week where you have an appt £120 which covers all, the session, email follow, support tools, homework, and appropriate contact.

Retained contact after treatment concluded. Free.

 About Dave Kneeshaw (Alc Therapist Dave Sheffield)

Many people will have already chatted with me on Soberistas. Check out my comments over the last year or my articles to find out a bit more about my approach and my effectiveness.  If you want to find out more about how you can move forwards book your free appointment and find out how therapy can help you.

I have a long establish history of working with people to help them change. I have worked in psychiatric units, secure units, a refuge for children who run away from home, drug and alcohol rehab units and also in community settings. I have worked with many people with very complex needs and run my own practise in Sheffield, helping people to live more fulfilling lives who are experiencing addictive behaviours, depression, self harm, eating issues, low self esteem amongst a whole range of other complex traumatic experiences.

I am a trained SMART Champion, a trained professional who supports the development of peer lead groups, trains those learning how to facilitate and develop their own groups. I am a trainer, training many of my colleagues and practitioners in how best to support alcohol users to make changes. I have worked with people of all ages backgrounds, and work locally and globally with clients from USA, Australia and China. The oldest person I have worked with was 73 the youngest pre-teen. I have worked with around two thousand people and helped people build a life beyond a whole range of addictive substances and behaviours.

Away from therapy I obsess about music, go running, walking, get easily distracted by cricket and am known to spend a lot of time follow bands around the country.

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Contact me today and we can then book in an appointment so we can have a chat about how therapy can help you move onwards with your alcohol issues and the underlying issues which are blocking you from reaching your potential.

Limits to my work

Whilst I am insured to work globally, there are specific limits within my professional insurance. Any work undertaken is done so on the understanding that you are aware and happy that my work is held under the legal jurisdiction of the UK.

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