Insomnia and Sleep hypnosis Script.

This sleep hypnosis script is ideal if you have been struggling with insomnia. If you are looking for a natural way to beat insomnia then use this script to help you recover your natural sleep patterns. Sleep deprivation can be caused by so many issues so consult a doctor before you take any further action.  rTo create your own script follow the instructions at the free self hypnosis section.

There have been times in your life when you have experienced insomnia ....., a lack of sleep and .... you may have tried many things to manage this.

From now on, each night .....  night after night, as you prepare to go to bed, a feeling of calmness and preparedness for sleep will emerge ...... and you’ll be able to feel completely relaxed ... and at ease .....feeling calmly relaxed ... calm knowing that every day is another day complete .... and knowing tomorrow will be another opportunity to experience new challenges.

So from now on .... as you move forward from this point, as you prepare to go to sleep ..... every night, you’ll be calm .... be more and more calm, each and  every night, and at ease, more and more at ease.....

Your mind and your body will be released ... relaxed ... rested. You’ll be able to sleep with tranquility, confidence, deeply, securely .... free, and at peace....

Sleep the best you have ever had, sleep as you did as a small child, as a baby, undisturbed, settled deep, totally immersed in deep relaxing sleep, calmly deeply relaxed. Able to use all the usual noises of the world to deeply soothe your sleep. Totally at peace...

From now on you’ll sleep soundly, so soundly, you’ll allow your imagination and creativity to offer a deep and undisturbed calmness .. a restful calmness .. a deep and restful calmness .... completely rested...

You’ll be able to sleep soundly, knowing in the back of your mind, that day by day, you’re beginning to live more fully, more deeply. As time goes on, you will live with more and more wisdom, confidence, drive and you’ll let yourself sleep the way a baby does, when a baby feels good and very secure.

You’ll sleep wonderfully easily .. restfully .. very easily .. very restfully with a calmness and depth just right for you .. waking at the right time to start your day.

As you wake in the morning, you will wake from a deep, restful, relaxing, calm, sleep ... Feel fully satisfied from your deep restorative sleep. Feel refreshed, very well, and very calm, and when you wake up in the morning ... you’ll be  completely refreshed and totally energised, invigourated to take on the challenges of the day, the week,  life...

From now on you will begin your day feeling increasingly energised and excited about the new opportunities the day has to offer. This increasing feeling of energy will begin as soon as you wake, feeling energised, enthused and inspired ... totally inspired, immersed in joy, energetic, energising positivity, a readiness to experience the new opportunities awaiting for you to experience ... as you clamber readied, from your restful bed and into the awaiting day...

Because of this you will wake .... Every day you will wake with an overwhelming eagerness to get up from your bed and to clamber into the new awaiting world. You may want to experience the day as soon as it begins, and on those days you will wake easily, feeling refreshed and alert, whilst on other days you will sleep soundly and peacefully until you need to wake, rise and enter the day...

Everyday ... day by day, you will wake with more and more energy, feeling able and enthusiastic, to be fully involved in the day. You feel so vibrant, energised, alert, calm, focused, organised, in control, refreshed, awake, relaxed, with energy, bags and bags of energy, a total feeling of contentment, happier, happier, more and more satisfaction and well-being, with every waking moment.

And as your day evolves you will maintain this inner feeling of contentment and satisfaction, happiness, calm soothing happiness, feeling more and more alert, calm and increasing satisfaction and a sense of success, vibrancy, creativity, resilience and energised calmness and feeling a calm energised vibrant energy ..... and as you surface from your invigourating, refreshing sleep .... As you wake in the morning, you feel so good, you will wake so refreshed you will wake so energised and run through the plan of the day ahead, ready and prepared to enjoy the new day ahead.

Everyday you’ll feel more alert, more refreshed, more calm, complete, focused, strong and healthy, because you’ll have slept soundly, deeply, securely and at peace, knowing that each and every day, life will continue, just as life continues, you will find more and more joy in your life and just as surely as time goes on, you will continue to grow and grow, in your contentment, in your calmness, in your understanding of what you need to do, to immerse yourself in effective rest patterns...

Just as you will grow more and more aware of how nature finds balance in the world .... you will become more and more aware of how to get balance in your own world .... balance in your work time ... your leisure time you’re your rest times, so that you fully experience all aspects of life.

This will happen just as I say it will happen because ... from now on ... you will establish good night time routines. When you prepare for sleep you will feel ready to sleep because you will go to bed with a feeling of calmness and preparedness for sleep and you’ll be able to feel completely relaxed and at ease, feeling calmly relaxed, calm knowing that every day is another day complete.

So starting now, as you go to bed, you will retire, ready to have deep sleep, and you will enjoy that deep sleep, knowing you will sleep like a baby. You will use simple breathing techniques to maintain your calmness and know that your skills of self administered sleep hypnosis will support your to feel calm throughout your life.

Every night, you’ll be calm, be more calm, every night, and at ease, your mind and your body will be calm, tranquil and relaxed. You’ll be able to sleep calmly, soundly, securely, at peace, able to sleep the way you did when you were a baby….so calm,  so untroubled, so relaxed, so completely at peace. 

To complete the sleep hypnosis script record final part of self hypnosis scripts after this.

Once you have recorded this part of the insomnia and sleep hypnosis script, you need to complete the recording by adding in the final section from the self hypnosis section. Sleep hypnosis is very effective for some sleep issues but check the page on sleeping to make sure that you are developing a healthy sleep routine and that you are not missing some simple ideas which you can do that will support you to sleep before using the sleep hypnosis scripts,

A new voice for a new your

As you get more confident with your sleep patterns and the effects of insomnia are reducing you may want to personalise your sleep hypnosis script by changing it so that it is personalised instead of using "you" change it to I so that it would start "There are times in MY life..." Use whatever feels most comfortable to get the best from your sleep hypnosis self hypnosis script.

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