Shyness Strategies

Shyness can be addressed very successfully with hypnosis as it is a form of social anxiety. Shyness can be very debilitating in itself but also for the development of confidence and motivation to make long lasting life changes.

To sustain self esteem it is important to have time to yourself to connect with your own thoughts and find a spiritual connection in your life. Just as importantly to the growth of self esteem, is to have social contact with others. It is important to have contact with others because social contact allows you to express yourself, give and receive praise and affords the opportunities to share your skills and demonstrate kindness.

Social Isolation

One key indicator of low self esteem is social isolation. When we experience low self esteem we feel least worthy of social interaction nor have neither physical or mental capacity to socialise. As social isolation takes hold, social interaction techniques can dissolve. However, to restore self esteem it is imperative to engage in social interaction.

Tips to beat Shyness

Techniques to promote interaction can start with undertaking simple chores, like going to the shops, speaking to your neighbours just maintaining those social links. To return back into the community start by establishing a routine so that you bump into the same people or if you are a dog owner develop a routine for walking you pet. Research tells us that dog owners are more likely to be both acknowledged and chatted to by random people than those with babies or those carrying deliberately “curious conversation instigating” objects.

Beat Anxiety by choosing to ask for help

A useful simple goal to set yourself if you feel shy is to go somewhere you know well that is safe but where you are not known and ask for directions to somewhere you already know the answer to. This could be a shop just round the corner or a local street that you have just passed. The answer is not important here it is the practise of communicating and  of asking for help from others.

As you address your shyness you feel a bit more confident and are ready to return back into the social environment you may consider joining local groups, studying, join a local fitness group like a dance class or a walking group. At a broader level, if you find you have started to isolate, volunteering offers opportunities for social interaction and also opportunities to offer your skills. By being altruistic by for example showing kindness and encouraging others less fortunate than ourselves we learn to value ourselves again and further promote our self esteem.

Self esteem comes from how we feel about ourselves. This in turn is made up from internal messages but also from the messages that we receive from others. So to help grow our self esteem we need to have positive feedback from others. During a typical day a person with a mix of social interactions may experience, praise, physical contact in the form of hugs and pats on the shoulder, visual greetings and warmth through smiles and auditory interaction through laughter, a change in pitch and questions about their well being.

Without social interaction, this and much more is missing from the portfolio of esteem resources, and so as people socially isolate, their social confidence falls so too does their enthusiasm and energy to address this self esteem loss.

Hypnosis for Shyness

Hypnosis is a very effective treatment for hypnosis. treatment for shyness takes about 4-6 sessions and  will involve trying out the new techniques between sessions but in such a short time a lifetime of fear and avoidance may make you life more interesting, exciting and fulfilling. Try out the techniques which are scattered around this website and keep trying them until you notice the changes that they want.

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