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Test your Sheffield Knowledge with the Sheffield quiz.  Have some fun and find out how much you know about your home town and South Yorkshire and for everybody else there is a suspect link to Christmas.

Day 24

Which Sheffield band erected their own grotto at a Christmas gig at the Leadmill in 1991?

Pulp, who else could it have been. Jarvis Cocker played the part of Santa. Hope Jarvis visits your house this year. Same time and place next year.

Day 23

If you wanted your hair done in time for the festive period which Sheffield expert would guarantee it?

Where else but Hair By Christmas up in Broomhill.

The Wedding Cake was the old Registry Office and the Egg Box was the New Town Halls nickname, now both demolished to make way for Peace Gardens.

Day 21

Nearly time for the XMAS sales. Was Meadowhall built so it could be a prison if it failed as a retail site?

False. Meadowhall was not built so that it could be used after as a prison if it did not succeed as a retail centre. This is a popular urban myth.

Day 20

What links Star Trek, Castle House and Sheffield’s Coat of arms?

Vulcans. The statue on the old COOP building is Vulcan, Mr Spock on Star Trek was a Vulcan and the coat of Arms has Vulcan on it.

Day 19

Which legendary criminal and gift giver is believed to have originated from Sheffield?

The legendary criminal gift giver is Robin Hood or Robin Of Loxley. His origins are claimed from Doncaster which named it's airport after him all the way down to Nottingham which built its tourist industry around him.

Day 18

Which Sheffield woman was the first to get out of this world? And why did she have an ungracious landing which brought her back to earth with a bump?

Helen Sharman was the first British woman in Space and the first woman to visit MIR. Her ungracious landing took place when she dropped the flame at the world student games opening ceremony at Don Valley Stadium in 1991.

     Day 17

Which artist provided the Star with its Sheffield snow scene Xmas Cards?

George Cunningham

Day 16

Which punk legends played their first ever gig in Sheffield? The Ramones, The Clash, The Fall or The Sex Pistols?

The Clash played their first ever gig at the Black Swan, better known as the "Mucky Duck" and eventually being renamed the Boardwalk. They played their first gig on July 4th 1976 supporting the Sex Pistols.

Day 15

In 2007 who officially valued Bramall Lane as more valuable than Hillsborough, but only by £20?

The makers of the Sheffield edition of Monopoly valued Hillsborough at £20 quid cheaper than Bramall Lane. The game is still available from Amazon. During its development the game had a public vote to decide which Sheffield icon shop take the top "Mayfair" square. This went to City Hall and was partnered by Meadowhall. the game was controversial because sponsors bought a pitch on the board. Clowne appeared on the Old Kent Road slot and Doncaster's Robin Hood airport flew to Sheffield for a brief moment in history too.

Day 14

Sweets are a festival treat, so which sweet Sheffield character first appeared in 1929?

The sweet Sheffield Character is Bertie Bassett. For his 80th Birthday he got a friend called Betty.

Day 13

Sheffield is famous for climbing. Which is the UK’s first dedicated indoor climbing centre?

The Foundry was the first dedicated indoor climbing centre and opened in 1991. If you fancy falling from a great height whilst being roped on and you don't like getting cold give it a go.

Day 12

Which queen moved into the Manor, staying for over 14 years?

Mary Queen of Scots lived in Sheffield 1570-1584. She was held prisoner at Manor Lodge.

Day 11

Sheffield is famous for its Full Monty, where women came to ogle men in a working men's club. So, which working men’s club was the country's first to accept women as full members?

The first working men's club in the country to allow women to have full membership was Crookes working men's club.

Day 10

Sheffield is full of heroes. What is John Burkill’s nickname and why is he well known?

John Burkill is a local fundraiser who wanders the nation raising money for Macmillan Cancer Charity. He is more widely known as the Man with the Pram. You will have seen him wandering our fair city dressed in his green wig and waving his slightly oversized green foam hand.

Day 9

Why are there so many turtle doves in Sheffield City Centre?

There are lots of metal doves perched around the Peace Gardens, created by Richard Bartle because they are reminders of the Peace Doves designed by Picasso during his visit to the City which hosted  the Peace Congress in 1950. Picasso sketched a dove on a napkin and gifted it to a body guard, who in turn donated it to the city. This is on permanent display at  Weston Park Museum.

Day 8

The punishment of the murderer of a Crookes’ doctor’s son in 1955 was historic. Why?

The person who killed the doctor's son was Ruth Ellis. She shot David Blakely whose father was a doctor, with a practice next door to the Closed Shop in Crookes/Commonside. The father, Dr John Blakely was co-incidently acquitted of a murder of his own in 1934. Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in Britain.

Day 7

Less of a Sheffield quiz question and more of a South Yorkshire question today. Which part of South Yorks is not named after a river, Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley or Doncaster?

Barnsley is the only town not named after a river. Barnsley's name is still contentious but one theory is based on the name Berneslai, which first appeared in the Doomsday book in 1086, and it stems from the Saxon name Berne, meaning Barn or storehouse.

Sheffield is named after the Sheaf, Rotherham is named after the Rother and Doncaster is named after the Don.

Day 6

Where did the 2013 Sheffield Half Marathon end this year for the last time? (My time was 2 hours 34).

The Half Marathon started and finished at the Don Valley Stadium.

Day 5

Where will you find Sheffield’s Women of Steel in 2016?

The Women of Steel Statue will be situated right outside the City Hall to commemorate the women who worked in the steel industry during WWII. There is still significant monies to find to pay for the statue after a concert was organised at City Hall which raised over £50,000, but it is planned to reach the target during early 2014 fingers crossed.

Day 4

Where can you donate your used Christmas tree so that it will help the children of Sheffield?

Donate your used Christmas trees to Sheffield Children's Hospital and do your bit for the environment  and they will be turned into compost and raise money for the hospital too.

Day 3

Which heavenly sight in 1994 gave Sheffield a place in the Guinness Book of Records?

Sheffield was in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest lasting rainbow which lasted 6 hours on March 14th 1994.

Day 2

When was Peace on earth in Sheffield something to be avoided?

Peace on Earth was to be avoided in Sheffield between 1832-1879. Charles Peace was a famous criminal who was a prolific burglar who was executed in 1879.

Day 1

Which is the only Sheffield Band to have a Christmas number 1?

The Human League are the only band from Sheffield to have a Christmas number 1 with "Don't you want me" in 1981.

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