Join the Sheffield Quit Smoking Programme

By joining the 6 week Stop Smoking Programme, it will give you the chance to escape from the addiction of smoking, learn how to deal with stress and the strains of life without the added pain of nicotine dependency.

Using hypnosis I will help you to break free from smoking so that you can get your health back, have more money in your pocket, are free to travel on trains without the anxiety of hours without smoking and  your home and clothes will smell nice once more.

Invest 36 days today and give yourself a chance of the future health and happiness you deserve.

Did you know it only takes 48 hours to completely rid your body of nicotine. So why do people wait nearly three weeks and then return to smoking?

How is the Programme Designed?

This is a mix of hypnosis  and practical tools which will include:

Techniques to raise motivation, for smoking and you can use them for life.

  • Determine and promote your individual motivating factor to stay a nonsmoker
  • Build confidence giving you more confidence to reach your goal of quitting
  • Give stress management techniques
  • Use NLP to manage anxiety and motivation
  • Hypnosis for sleep issues

I will never quit,
it's too hard!

If you have tried before and relapsed only to return to your smoking habit it could be because you were not ready to quit, you were quitting alone, your motivation was not in place or you had not prepared for the amount of change becoming a nonsmoker takes.

Quitting using
Willpower alone

fails for 95-97%

Using will Power alone results in just 3-5% of people smoke free a year later according to the charity Quit. To have the best chance of beating smoking use a mix of approaches which will work together to build your confidence, build your resolve and pre-empt any problems. Quitting is hard, but going it alone is harder than doing it in groups, so join the Sheffield quit smoking programme to improve your chances of success.

Learn to cope with the psychological affects of
NOT smoking

When you are attempting to quit smoking you may experience a whole range of difficult psychological effects. You may experience stress, anxiety and sleep issues. Some people also become short tempered and find that they feel and behave in ways that can undermine their staying power over the first month after quitting.

The programme is designed to safely deal with all these issues, coming to the group will help you build and maintain your motivation so that you will have the resilience and stamina to keep your cravings at bay whilst you get over the hump.

I will help you to identify and focus on what really motivates you to quit but also to identify the reasons that may cause you to want to return and help put in place measures to prevent these temptations sabotaging your healthy lifestyle plan.

Tips and Tricks to beat Relapse

Using specialist techniques dedicated to preventing relapse, raising self esteem, anxiety management and stress management the Sheffield quit smoking programme has been tailored to help deal with the common effects of quitting smoking and by using these techniques and hypnosis work together to make it more manageable, and enjoyable. The programme is designed to prepare you fornthe common psychological affects which cause people to lapse and relapse. By having key elements of the progamme which deal with:

  • quit smoking anxiety
  • managing stress
  • smoking related Triggers
  • urges and smoking cravings

The Sheffield Quit smoking programme is designed to be a fully incorporated programme which deals with the initial stages of quitting but also the effects of quitting over the crucial first month.

The programme will give you the tools to deal with the unhelpful behaviours which cause some people to relapse including:

  • increased eating leading to weight gain
  • how to socialise now you are a non smoker
  • high pressure and risky lapse situations
  • relapse and recovery
  • what to do with spare time
  • what to do with your hands
  • How to cope around people who still smoke now you are a non smoker

Support past day 17, the most common time of relapse

The programme is 6 weeks long as most people lapse after day 17 and then give up.

This programme is designed to deal with all the potential pitfalls, whilst making quitting fun, easy and enjoyable.

Within 5 years your body will have recovered so much that your risk of some smoking related diseases are the same as if you have never smoked.

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