Sheffield Hypnotherapist Phobia and Anxiety Treatment

As a Sheffield hypnotherapist, Phobia and anxiety have been something which I have a long history of working with. Phobia and anxiety in all its other many forms is something which I have been very successful in treating.

How quickly can I get rid of my phobia?

Phobias can be very easy to address. When you have had a phobia or severe anxiety for a long time it is easy to believe that because it has been present for so long then it will be impossible if not very difficult to address. With the right therapy you can make huge progress in a very short time.

I tend to make significant progress after three sessions and many phobias are completly addressed after four sessions. We are all different and so I say that 4-6 sessions is the norm to address phobias and anxiety. See the home page for an example of my anxiety work.


Anxiety has a huge impact on the lives of some people. My clients have experienced Panic Attacks, isolation, unemployment due to anxiety or phobias. Phobic responses are often doubly damaging to your life because clients often report how silly they feel too.


As you search for the right Sheffield Hypnotherapist to treat your phobia or your anxiety it can be confusing to know what key tools they will use to support you to find the skills to cure your phobia or address your anxiety. 

Learn to manage your feelings of panic and dread with hypnosis

Anxiety is key to keep us safe, we need it to know when to be alert to danger. Yours has just become over sensitive to a particular stimuli or set of events that take you back to a time where you felt very vulnerable.

I use a successful mix of hypnotherapeutic techniques which allow you to better manage your Phobia and anxiety. These techniques work to manage the overwhelming feelings or panic, dread and fear.

Grow your motivation and self esteem to beat anxiety

Anxiety and Phobia often leave clients with low self esteem, lacking the confidence to reach their potential. This results in some clients choosing a safe, risk free life, where their jobs, relationships and lifestyle is not rewarding or fulfilling but it does not present any real challenges. Using specialist motivation tools and techniques in a supportive and person centred approach, I can support you to grow your motivation and self esteem, allowing you to aspire and reach your potential.


I also use hypnotic techniques so that your thinking patterns around the thing which leaves you feeling anxious becomes less and less negative and eventually you become more resourceful. This will allow you to grow and change so that you respond to the thing which triggers the unpleasant feelings in a positive way, now and for the rest of your life.


Cure of your anxiety you will be able to live life to the full with more and more opportunities to reach your potential in life. Your social life will grow, work life will be more exciting and you will have greater earning potential. Treat your anxiety and live the life you deserve.

The website will offer lots of tools which you can use independently of a practitioner. Key thing to remember about any anxiety source is that it is natural.

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