Sheffield Hypnosis for Alcohol Addiction

Sheffield hypnosis practitioners can help you treat your alcohol addiction or problematic drinking or any other addictive behaviour, whether you are aiming for a period of abstinence, reducing your alcohol consumption or seeking to adopt an abstinence lifestyle.

Use the experts to guide your recovery

I have been using a mix of effective treatments to help people find their recovery. I am aware of how difficult long lasting recovery from any addiction can be. I have support in excess of a thousand people reach work to reach their recoveries. I have worked in various recovery settings including rehabs and community setting. working with people at all points of problematic drinking to reach their desired outcome. I have worked with people who are dependent and supported them to safely reduce their intake, binge drinkers, solitary secret drinkers and those who need to reduce their drinking and are still finding the triggers too difficult to manage.


The effects that alcohol addiction can have are catastrophic, impacting on your sleep, sex drive, self esteem, employability, relationships, as well as mental health and motivation.

Even after years of heavy use bodies can fully repair

Alcohol misuse can result in long term damage to organs, memory problems and can result in a reduction in life expectancy. Although Alcohol has massive affects on the body. the body is able to fully recover from alcohol use in many cases. The liver is able to heal itself if given the opportunity so begin your recovery today.


Sheffield Hypnosis alcohol specialists like myself can support you by using hypnotherapy to find the root cause of your alcohol use so that you are treated for the cause of your drinking not just the alcohol itself.

Beat alcohol and live independently

Many people focus solely on the substance, neglecting to recognise that alcohol misuse is a often a symptom of another hidden problem. As I work with you I will help you identify reasons for drinking and a range of techniques and tools which will restore your ability to live independently of substances or any other addictive behaviour.


Some of the hypnotic tools will give you the skills to deal with urges, craving. I will use NLP to deal with low motivation and help you to find the energy and resilience necessary to manage addictive behaviour.


Sheffield Hypnosis alcohol practitioners are very familiar with the range of treatment options within their community. Both the formal treatment options and the informal mutual aid support. I would use our time in therapy to assess that you are fully aware of the range of support options available to you and support you to access the other support that you would like to access.

Sheffield hypnosis practitioner who can help your recovery using a range of therapies tailored to your needs.

I will also give you practical tools to manage triggers, including CBT, solution focused therapies, alongside relapse prevention risk management planning, which will guide to you to fill time when bored and how to find fulfilment in your life which is rewarding, builds self esteem and serves to enrich your life leaving you feeling fulfilled.


I will use the time in therapy to give you the skills to develop your own effective coping mechanisms and the ability to build your self esteem, motivation and personal well-being management.

Alcohol lapse and relapse prevention
(Dealing with triggers, cravings and urges).

Alcohol Treatment will include work to address triggers, cravings and urges as you learn to live without using. Treatment will give the knowledge and skill s of how best to manage all the common challenges which can result in lapse and relapse including tools to deal with Trigger, Cravings and how to deal with Urges. 

Treatment for alcohol can also include hypnosis to embed all the learning to help you take back control of any thoughts or feelings that could risk your recovery.

Expert Guidance and Support

Throughout this website you will discover that I have spent many years working to support people to manage their alcohol addiction. I have worked in rehabs and continue to offer support in the community to address alcohol and drug issues. My expert approach will give you a clear understanding of what can be achieved and how quickly you can regain control of your alcohol use.

The website offers some of the tools which are vital to manage alcohol addiction. Please look at sections on Addictions, Motivation, Confidence, Anxiety and Self hypnosis, to learn more.

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