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As a Sheffield eating disorder treatment provider I am aware of the complex naature of your or a loved one's condition. Treatment for anorexia (retricting what you eat) Bulimia (eating and purging) or any other eating condition where you struggle to have a healthy relationship with food needs to be unique to you.

Eating disorder treatment is always designed around the person and not the condition that you are experiencing because, in reality, you are using food to manage how you cope with your own world. By working on how you manage that and giving you the tools to address those destructive thoughts and feelings, you will feel calmer, happier and in control again and so would not need to use food and how you relate to food to change how you feel.

How can a Sheffield eating disorder treatment programme help me?

What will treatment be like for my eating disorder?

Treatment would be tailored to your needs and so we would use an assessment to build a unique treatment plan and the ongoing works would address those issues. The works would include a range of techniques dependent on what would work best for you including elements of NLP, Solution focused Therapies, practical coping strategies, CBT, and also hhypnosis to make the changes more natural. Each session would also include specific practical tasks to apply away from therapy to help you practise the coping strategies that will replace you destructive behaviour. Works may address guilt, anger at your self, the way you talk to yourself, any historic trauma, as well as tools to deal with triggers, cravings unrges as well as lapse and relapse tools.

How quickly can treatment help me into recovery?

Everyone is unique and so treatment times vary considerably due to the variety of underlying issues and rates of change of people. Treatment times are also dependent on how much work you do away from the therapy space. My job as part of therapy is to equip you to know what to do and also give you the guidance and support to make those changes at the right time and in the right way for you and part of your responsibility is to apply the learning. The more you employ the changes the more rapidly treatment progresses. On a very rare occasions people have moved forwards in a few sessions whilst more typically work can take a few months and beyond.

What have others said about accessing a sheffield eating disorder specialist?

This is s brief exert from a testimonial from a client who had bulimia for over 30 years before she came to meRead the full version here.

 "Through therapy I have, with Dave’s help and guidance, and a lot of hard work on my part, developed an emotional and practical toolkit which has been enormously beneficial in helping me move from my eating disorder to a place where, I have not vomited once and nor do I feel the need to. Now, when I feel a little lonely or sad or bored or any other ‘uneasy feeling’ for which I would resort to my eating disorder, I get out my ‘toolkit’ and before I know it I am feeling good about myself again. And better still -the more I do this the easier it gets!"

Sheffield Eating Disorder Client 

This brief testimonial is from a client with a binge eating condition for over 15 years and former service user of SYEDA who opted to incorporate my works into her out treatment. Read other testimonials here.

"Dave has helped me to make massive changes to my life in a few sessions by giving me techniques and tools that are easy to put in place. We have focussed on the future and on being positive. I needed someone to guide me through and he has done that, amazing!"

Sheffield Eating Disorder Client

Contact me now to find out how you can move forwards

It is important that you feel confident that the treatment feels right for you and will meet your needs. I offer a free 30 minute session to explain the treatment plan, how treatment may work for you and to answer any question both about therapy but also about my own approach and how it can support you to make long term changes.

To call me for a free confidential discussion on how my work supports Sheffield eating disorder patients and can support you with your condition text or call Dave on 0798 197 4796 or email me at now.

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