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Are you seeking a Sheffield Depression Treatment specialist?  I have been working in this field for well over a decade and worked in rehab centres, specialists mental health units, secure units and in the community supporting people with depression, anxiety, stress related conditions and addictive behaviour. 

Depression treatment using a mixed tailored talk therapy approach has offered many people a way forwards.

Client feedback from a Sheffield depression treatment client who also presented with severe anxiety.

"After years of suffering severe anxiety causing me to suffer from depression, I decided to do something about it. I suffered from anxiety for years, mainly due to a controlled upbringing, therefore I began to lose self-control, confidence, and began to let other control my existence.

As a child I thought the feelings of anxiety were just normal or there must have been something wrong with me. But as you grow older you realise that anxiety is not ok, and no one deserves to live a life with it. I began to see different therapists but nothing seemed to work as I always ended up back on my tablets. 

Then I was recommended to see Dave by word of mouth. At first I was slightly sceptical as I had seen other therapists before who wasted my time, and although Dave had many good reviews, so did all the others. When I first went see Dave, I felt a bit lost, as many problems and under lying issues had built up over the years, and I was struggling to make sense of why I had anxiety and depression myself. This didn’t faze Dave one bit, as he is so knowledgable and very precise at getting to the route of the cause. 

After a few therapy sessions things started making sense to me... he pointed out that I was living my life for others and not for myself, and he was right! After a few months of hypnotherapy and therapy sessions learning about the ‘tools’ he teaches, my life started to feel like it was coming together after all. And best of all it was coming together for me, and not just for me to fit in with the people around me. I gained my confidence back, and began to feel a sense of independence again.

Now I can confidently say from experience of having therapy with Dave. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel! I am off my medication, I feel comfortable in my own skin, I know how to handle my anxiety and emotions, and I finally feel like I am existing! All I can say is I wish I had met Dave sooner! It may have taken 23 years to be completely happy in my own skin, but now I am finally in this place, I can definitely say it was worth the wait!" 

More client feedback in their own words on the testimonials page 

How I will treat you?

Everyone is different and so I treat the person rather than the condition. If you ask others with a depression about their condition, you will notice that many people will report different things, some people can't sleep, others sleeping too much, others it's over eating whilst the opposite for another person. Depression is caused by a whole range of things and it is also experienced in a range of ways too. The only things that unites everyone with depression is persistent low mood and with it limited capacity to think straight and this leads to people being unable to feel motivated to do anything.

Sheffield depression treatment - A typical approach.

Whether I work with people in Sheffield or I work on skype or another video conferencing tool I find that there are some common experiences and effective approaches that are relevent for most people. Treatment begins with full assessment which informs the treatment plan. From there we may do work to help you get structure back in your life, connect with people, address how you talk about yourself (typically much more destructively thab you would ever talk to others) we could look at dealing with guilt, self esteem, anger, communication skill with people and even mindreading (this is where you think you know what others are thinking or how they are feelings and you choose to neglect your own needs as you do not want to upset others even though you do not know how they feel). Treatment is scheduled so that it prioritises the works that have the biggest impact first so that you start to feel the way you wish much sooner.

How can hypnosis can help me?

Alongside talk therapies, I can also use hypnosis to help embed the changes that we discuss and this will help you move forwards more rapidly. Most people report feeling different in a couple of session and there are many who report feeling more like the old selves from the first session.

How quickly can I move on from my depression?

Most people are feeling ready to move on after a couple of months, or at least report that, based on how they feel, that they would not be looking for another therapist now. Many continue to access treatment to grow to be as fulfilled as they can be and to make the most of their potential instead of stopping when they felt like they imagined was as good as they could feel.

What do your other patients say?

Follow this like to find out what others have said about my works as a Sheffield depression treatment practitioner here in my testimonial section. Depression is surprisingly common so there a few different stories for you to explore.

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As a Sheffield depression treatment specialist, I work globally as I offer online therapy for people all over the world using Skype. As long as you have  access to a computer, find out more about accessing therapy, whether it is CBT, mindfulness, psychodynamic approaches or hypnosis to achieve your goals contact me today at or send me a direct message on Twitter @hypnosisdave and I will arrange an appointment time.

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