Sheffield Cocaine Treatment

Are you looking for a Sheffield cocaine treatment specialist who can help you reduce and end your using? I have been working in the field of addictive behaviour for over a decade and have worked in rehabs, secure units and community settings to help others break free from their addictive behaviours. 

How treatment could work for you?

I treat the person not the condition because, although the issues are similar, the causes are different. Everyone is different and so there is no single approach, your treatment will be tailored to meet you needs. I treat the person not the condition and by focusing on what is affecting you then your using behaviour will also be addressed. 

Treatment starts with an assessment to identify what is going on for you right now. People use cocaine, partly because it was fun to begin with but when it is routine, then it is to deal with the various feelings that are affecting you. Using cocaine to change how you feel may have become so routine that you are now no longer aware what feelings you are ignoring as you may be so disconnected with these.

Treatment will be  a combination of work around dealing with the habit, the routine of using, the actual way in which you use (the habit or lifestyle of using) but the core of the work will be centred on the underlying reasons. This work will teach you lots about yourself and support you to be more content, more resourceful and find the calm and sense of control that is currently missing from your life.

Whethere you chose to work remotely via Skype or whats app or FaceTime or in Sheffield cocaine treatment is geared to make you aware of these reasons and upskill you to have better ways of managing you, not only for right now, but so that you are equipped to move forwards and be equipped for events in your life whether its work pressures, relationship issues, a traumatic event or dealing with life on life's terms.

How can a Sheffield cocaine treatment specialist help me?

It is better to read the testimonials here to find out how far people like you have already moved forwards not only with cocaine, but heroin, alcohol and eating issues alongside anxiety and depression. It is really common for people to have a range of complex issues as they enter treatment and after a relatively short time move on with control back in their lives. 

How quickly can you fix my addiction?

No two people are the same and addictions can be a short period of a handful of sessions or perhaps three or four times longer. Treatment will be a mix of specific works around how you deal with life, hypnosis to help make changes and also to help break your habit but also there will be works away from the sessions to help you build the life you want and the more you engage with the work then the more you will benefit. Ultimately the rate of progress is in your hands, my role is to support you to make the changes not to do the work for you. 

As a Sheffield cocaine treatment specialist, I have worked with people who have used various substances or destructive behaviours for over a decade, and the longest enduring has been over three decades, with support these habits have been addressed in a few months and the treatment programme completed in less than twelve months. However, we are a partnership and as you allow me to do my work, I will support you to do yours.

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Book an appt today and start making the changes to take back control. Call or text 07981974796 or email if you prefer. 

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