Self Motivate in a Minute

Learning how to self motivate will make you more resourceful when you are feeling under energised. Sometimes the simplest techniques are the best. So generate motivation using the “if it only takes a minute” approach

The only takes a minute technique is a simple tool to help combat motivation issues whilst also helping to build self esteem so is great at treating depression, anxiety and any motivation sapping conditions. When experiencing anxiety and depression or feeling overwhelmed it can be hard to find the energy and drive to motivate yourself to do anything. This lack of drive has serious impacts on the mind and body. Using this technique encourages you to physically accomplish more. The process of being active helps to have a natural endorphin release which will help you to feel happier and better about doing other things and so raise your motivation.

This approach to motivation creation works by breaking a large task into small activities and allows the completion of small tasks to find self esteem and motivation by seeing and experiencing progress instead of being overwhelmed by the whole task.

Firstly, list all the tasks that need to be done and if any task only takes a minute, self motivate by doing them without delay or complete them as you pass them whilst doing other things. This is a really useful to keep your home tidy, file paperwork and helps to establish routine whilst combating procrastination.

A version of this technique exists in the Hotel industry which says that staff should never walk empty handed but carry something at least part of the way towards where it needs to be.

This technique is brilliant for treating the effects of depression and aiding the growth in self esteem as it is often little things that get neglected which eventually become de-motivating for some people and the prospect of addressing these becomes overwhelming. A clear sign of failing mental health through anxiety, depression or fatigue can be evidenced by the lack of tidyness and growth in disorder present in some people's homes. By staying on top of the small tasks bigger events have less negative impact.

To get best benefit for this technique, it could be used in conjunction with being reflective as using this technique will allow opportunities to have successes throughout the day, contributing not only to self motivation skills but self esteem growth and reduced anxiety by burning off excess energy.

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