Reduce Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

How Quickly can treatment make me feel different?

Many people need to reduce anxiety in their day to day experiences. Anxiety is a really useful survival  tool designed to help us respond to danger immediately; even before our conscious awareness is able to. However if our alertness is too often triggered then we can lose the ability to feel relaxed, calm and refreshed. Despite having anxiety long term using my tailored therapy, anxiety can reduced massively and give you the skills to self manage and take back control of your unhelpful feelings.

After 5 weeks working to reduce anxiety this is what a client reported.

"When I first came to see Dave I didn't understand why I felt so anxious all the time.  I just knew that for the past 10 years or so I had felt progressively more hopeless and disconnected from the world and I knew I had to try to do something about it.  A friend had told me about Dave after having a successful treatment for a phobia.  So on her recommendation I went along for a consultation.  I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Dave listened to me and worked with me to identify the root cause of my anxieties and has taught me essential skills that I can now use to live my life in a positive and satisfying way.  I am writing this after session 5 and in this short time the way in which I see the world has changed immeasurably.  My self respect and confidence have grown massively, I am communicating more effectively which has helped to strengthen my relationships and as a result my life is already richer and more fulfilling than I can ever remember it being.  I would encourage anyone who feels they are not living the life they want to seek Dave's help. I feel that this has been the wisest decision I could possibly make as I now have the hope of a bright, positive and satisfying future and 5 weeks ago I would not have dreamed that this would be possible".

Can treatment reduce anxiety quickly?

I have yet to work with a client who has not made significant reductions in their experience of anxiety. the rates of progress vary form person to person but most people report that the combination of therapies and the tool kit I help you develop allows almost immediate progress. Most clients report that they feel calmer, more confident and more independent within a few sessions and most people leave treatment within the 4-6 session range reporting that they feel how they wanted to feel.

Anxiety is an over-experienced state

This sense of underlying fear and preparedness to escape was very useful in the days of Sabre Toothed Tigers that stalked us, however in the modern era anxiety can be over experienced. Bills, traffic jams and deadlines trigger this response.

Prepared for battle

As part of anxiety our bodies instinctively adopt a survival strategy. Some of the physiological changes include, our hearing becomes very focused, our pupils dilate, to see clearly where the risk tour life is. The body increases the heart rate so that there is more oxygen circulating, giving more blood and energy to the muscles in case we need to fight or run away. The body often prepares to empty the bowels as this is easy for escape. The muscles also tighten, getting ready for battle.

Temporary Feeling

This response is intended to be temporary. The body should use up all the extra energy in this Flight or fight situation, by dealing with the threat either by running away or fighting. Otherwise it should find a constructive way of releasing this body tension by being active. 

Surplus energy can be exhausting

After periods experiencing this flight or fight response, surplus energy needs to be used up, or exhaustion is possible.This surplus energy impacts on the ability to get good quality sleep, to feel calm and to get adequate rest and recuperation. Too much anxiety will result in feeling constantly on edge, uncertain and confused. Long term mental illness is possible, if excessive anxiety leads to constantly being on edge.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

If we have spent too much time on edge, doctors can diagnose a condition called Generalised Anxiety disorder (GAD), whereby the patient has forgotten how to relax.  People who experience this are permanently on edge, finding decision making debilitating.

Vicious Circle of Anxiety

This condition has major implication for health as many of the chemicals which work together to create this sense of anxiety, when too prevalent in the body, can have massive implication on the life expectancy of someone experiencing GAD. The increased heart rate stemming from the release of adrenaline puts increased pressure on the heart. This increased energy also impacts on the patient’s ability to have undisrupted sleep and may use these sleepless nights to dwell on their source of anxiety. This dwelling, ironically, creates the release of even more adrenaline and leads to a vicious cycle of further anxiety.

Debilitating and treatable 

I have been supporting people by teaching  self awareness to reduce anxiety throughout my career. I have worked with people who have been so debilitated that they were unable to leave their homes without experiencing panic attack episodes.

Anxiety can often be associated with a particular issue for a patient. As part of my career I have supported people to identify and address their specific anxieties around individual issues and supported patients by using therapeutic techniques to be able to function at their full potential.

Effective Anxiety Treatments

Effective techniques to reduce anxiety include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, appropriate medications, graded exposure therapy, effective questioning, alongside a range of self esteem, stress management and motivation building techniques.

End panic and anxiety with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment to help you reduce anxiety, get back in control and feeling calm and confident again. Anxiety hypnosis can support by training the patient to stay calm, aiding with breathing exercises to avoid panic and also to access positive feelings when they are most needed.

Positivity and Persistence defeats anxiety

Alongside this I would equip the patient to recognise the positives in their lives, to identify what is going right and focus on this whilst giving the patient the confidence and motivation to keep moving forward and trying when the challenge of addressing their anxiety may appear overwhelming. My extensive professional experience with working with anxiety issues has allowed me to work with some challenging patients where I have had incredible and life changing results.

As part of the treatment to reduce anxiety I will help you develop the skills to recognise your unique anxiety triggers and support you to practise managing in a new more effective way until it becomes natural and your anxiety is minimal. Anxiety is a difficult condition which can be long term and debilitating. With the right support anxiety can become manageable. Read how effectively I have been treating Anxiety here>

Online Therapy for Anxiety, Panic, Worry and Stress

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