Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Being able to quit smoking without all the associated stress, anxiety or weight gain is a desire for many smokers. Smoking still remains one of many addictive processes which hypnosis and hypnotherapy is very effective at treating. Other than stage hypnosis, quitting smoking is one of the commonest reasons people are aware of hypnosis and it is one of the commonest therapeutic applications of hypnotherapy.

Together we can overcome the challenges of quitting

I have been working within the field of addictions for almost a decade and have long standing experience with dealing with all the challenges which people face when they set out to make key changes in their lives. One of the main issues facing someone dealing with getting smoke free is confidence. Confidence, to maintain the changes, confidence in quitting without missing smoking, being able to manage without getting stressed and confidence that it will be worth it. Hypnosis is a key tool that helps to build confidence in your abilities and nurture confidence that you are doing the right thing for you.

Start at the right time

Another issue which those quitting face is dealing with motivation. Getting started has it's problems but keeping it going is much more of a challenge. I can support you to deal with these issues and you will also find useful advice in the website to manage any slumps in motivation.

Preparing to quit? You are not alone

At it's peak smoking, was an addiction that affected up to 80% of the adult male population. The good news is that you are not alone, many people have attempted and successfully decided to quit smoking.

Over 100 years since fewer people smoked

That figure of 80% has dropped dramatically over the last few years and now just 20% of the adult population smoke. Fewer and fewer people smoke than don't and the numbers of ex-smokers is growing all the time. More people are smoke free now than at any time in the last 100 years. Plan the best time for you to quit, tell your friends, get some distraction activities ready and QUIT FOREVER!!

Are You Ready To Quit Smoking? Only Two Days to Detox....

You are smoke free already

Good news, it only takes 48 hours to detox from nicotine. Add up every minute that you draw poison into your lungs, you will discover that you spend most of your life not smoking. You are already a non-smoker for much of your day. 

It’s time for you to be a quitter…..Succeed in being free

Hypnosis is a very effective treatment as it can be used to support those choosing to break free from smoking addiction by dealing with all the withdrawal challenges. Newly quit smokers struggle to get through the first few weeks without smoking as there are so many different obstacles to overcome. 

One challenge at a time

Dealing with cravings, stressful situations, spare time, filling your breaks, withdrawals and socialising are all issues which hypnosis can support you with.

Use this website to discover techniques to manage your stress, raise motivation and reach your goals.

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