Positive thinking keeps plans on track

Positive thinking, and the use of positive language is a simple non-trance hypnotic technique which makes sustainable change a reality. As you make any plans to change you should always express them in the affirmative.  When dealing with issues with smoking, addictions like alcohol, gambling, drugs, shopping or treating depression or anxiety it is essential to express plans and thoughts, feelings and actions in the positive, i.e. say what you want life to be like and not want you do not want it to be like.

The brain, our command centre, works in the positive, so if you want to focus on something express this as the thing to focus on instead of what you are trying not to do anymore.

For example:

"I don’t want to smoke anymore" is expressed in the negative, it says what you DO NOT want to do. A better way to express it is "I want to live a smoke free lifestyle", or "I am living a healthy lifestyle", or "I am getting my lungs to function much better".

This positive way of expressing any plans are significant for the brain because,  when people express an action in the negative such as I want to give up smoking or I don't want to eat fatty food, the brain first has to imagine smoking or eating fatty foods.  The brain then gives off the feelings it has for smoking or eating fatty foods which are the trigger sensations which cause people to crave the lifestyle habit which they are trying their best to change.

Positive thinking tools and techniques for change

So if you are ending alcohol use, you could say I am working on managing my health better, or I enjoy soft drinks, I am getting fitter, or even I drink low calorie drinks instead of expressing the behaviour change in the negative as I am not drinking any more or I don't drink anymore are more effective ways to prevent your brain from fixating on what you used to do and instead focusing on what you are working on doing instead.

Use positive thinking for planning

The use of positive thinking around the changes that you are planning also gives you a clear message on what you could be doing instead of what you are not doing. This simple hypnotic tool helps you visualise the newly established behaviour and envision some of the good feelings which will come from these changes.

E.G I am not eating sweets does not say what you should be eating instead. During the 1950’s research into food that was left by American households showed that they were cutting off the rinds of their chops and bacon. This showed that they were making their first attempts at limiting the amount of fat that they were consuming in their diet. This was also the same time that there was a huge rise in the consumption of salamis which are high in saturated fat. So, by focussing on what they were not eating, the American household ate no less saturated fat but mistakenly convinced themselves that their diets had improved.

For success in lifestyle change support your brain to do some positive thinking by expressing the changes you are making in the positive. Say what you are doing instead of what you will stop doing.

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