Make your own Positive Affirmations

 By creating your own positive affirmations you can take control of anxiety and stress. Self affirmations are vital messages that people with low self esteem, anxiety and confidence issues can use to help change their thinking patterns.

Why we use Affirmations


What we say to ourselves has a massive impact on how we think about ourselves. This impacts on the way we feel about ourselves, leading to how we behave now and in the future.

To improve what happens in the future, to reduce anxiety, stress, and increase the positive experiences in our lives what we tell ourselves is an easy way to make long lasting changes.

How to make your own self affirmations

1) Decide how you would like to be different and use these goals as your foundation for your affirmations. this could be wanting to feel calm, stop smoking, be less annoyed with people, be less forgetful, be more organised, whatever is is that is important to you. Here are some affirmations that might help. To format your affirmation create simple clear statement as outlned in the following steps.

2) Always talk in the present tense, using  short and snappy statements.

 e.g.      I am feeling calm and relaxed

I am eating calmly and confidently

I know when I am full

I stop eating when I am full

3) Say it like you mean it….. Use the Act As If Principle  to support you. First act as if you mean it and the feelings will follow if you focus your attention.

4) Say it and act is as this will allow you to completely immerse yourself into the new way of being and acting. A delivery with passion and conviction, engaging body posture tone and focusing on how you are at that moment in time.


5) Always speak and think in the positive. Say what are doing instead of what you will be stopping doing.

Positive Affirmations


I’m not smoking.

I don’t swear

I’ve stopped over eating

I don’t crash diet anymore

I don’t panic

I will not get anxious

I wont worry I am aware of my world and enjoy it.


 I am enjoying being healthy NOW

 I am speaking politely NOW

 I am controlling my eating NOW

 I am eating sensibly NOW

 I am in control right NOW

 I am calm and relaxed NOW

I wont worry I am aware of my world and enjoy it.

6) Repeat and enjoy watching the new you become you. Repeat your statements daily and integrate them into your pattern of behaviour alongside using the other tools and enjoy the positive changes that will follow.

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