Portion Sizes - How to get it right and stick to it?  

Portion sizes have grown over time and so have you, so to take back control you need to make small changes that you will be able to maintain easily. 

To combat portion inflation I have included some easy to follow tips to and take back control of the amount of food you eat.


Firstly remember, when making any changes it is better to make small, sustainable changes than large, extreme yet easily abandoned changes, so if your portions have got bigger than they need to be start small. Changes take 66 days to be a habit so making small sustainable changes will be more effective than huge unrealistic goals.


Eating with smaller sized cutlery. This does not have to be eating with child size cutlery but just means being mindful that there are much bigger, grander cutlery sets and more modest ones, which will make it easier to eat smaller mouthfuls of food and allow you to take your time to eat meals. This  hormone Leptin, which tell give you the full feeling, takes twenty minutes to be released after you start eating, so you will start to feel full before you have eaten as much as you may have done with bigger cutlery.


You often eat with your eyes so continue cooking the same amount of food but use smaller plates and plate up a smaller amount. Your brain is easy to kid as much of the tips in the website will go onto explain. Whatever your brain sees, it is happy to eat and once it sees an empty plate it accepts that it must be full. So it is better to see less food and you will be soon happier eating smaller amounts of food and get lasting control of portion sizes.


Keep the left over food out of sight and enjoy the food that you have on your plate. If you are still hungry after the meal, you can always top up. After a very short time you will find that the plated portion is enough. Any leftovers can be frozen and so save you the effort of producing another meal and more importantly from over portioning food for your next meal.

Move to smaller pans once you have settled on the new portion size

Once you get the portion sizes and plate sizes right, cook using smaller pans. If you prepare too much you eat too much. If you use bigger pans it can easily lead you to preparing too much food as the pan will look less full and so you will add more food than is necessary.


To support you further with portioning you can engineer out the habit of preparing too much food by making your own portion scoops.

A good way of doing this is weighing out your dry rice, I typically use 50g per person, then I use a cut down 2litre plastic lemonade bottle pour the rice in , mark off the height of the rice and then cut the scoop down again to the height of the rice so you can never put too much in.

Now let’s deal with outside the home.

Take back control of food buying decisions

If you don't buy something then it is less likely that you will eat it. Take back food buying decisions by being aware of who and how businesses and friends can influence your choices. Whenever you buy cooked food away from the home, ask yourself Who is influencing me on my portion sizes here? How hungry am I? How can someone or some business make me choose what I eat? Instead of what businesses want you to ask which is usually How much can I get for this amount of money?

It is better to have a little quality than a lot of rubbish. Remember you are worth it.


Research by Brian Wansink shows that we will eat more food for many reasons but one reason is that if we are told that a portion is small or half portion we will eat more of that than if we are told the same size portion is labelled with a description that it is a full size or max size portion. So don’t fall into the trap of believing that a portion is small just because that is what it is described as.

Hypnosis for portion control

Hypnosis is really useful to help you with portion sizes as it can be used very effectively to help you be more connected to each and every moment that you eat food. It can help you to really enjoy your food and enjoy it to such an extent that you do not overeat as it would reduce your enjoyment of the food that you have eaten so far. I have used it to manage my own weight see my own weight loss story, where I used self hypnosis to safely guide my weight down by 6 stones to a very healthy weight today.

Want to reach your goal today?

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