Phobia Cures and Treatments using Hypnosis

Phobia Cures are a common reason that people seek hypnosis. Phobias affect around 20 % of the adult population and can be so disruptive that getting treatment is the only way of having a full and productive life. The first step of getting effective treatment is understanding why they develop phobias.

Negative Associations

Phobias are formed as people learn to link an unrelated activity or thing with a negative time or expereince in our lives with. Some phobias are logical, fear of flying or fear of wild animals whilst others are hard to connect such as a fear of a particular food stuff.

The feelings of fear and panic are real

Regardless of which things a person has a phobic response to, it is still unpleasant; often overwhelming and can have a massive and real impact on their lives. The condition of phobia can be extremely frustrating because logic suggests that sufferers should not feel as they do, yet the feelings are real, intense and painful.

Phobias have a useful purpose

Many phobias had a logical and useful origin. For example someone who lived next door to a vicious dog, by learning to fear this dog also allowed this healthy fear to be extended into a fear of all dogs.

The purpose has now long been surved and is not just a hinderence to your life and with  a few sessions of therapy can be left behind for ever.

Born scared of loud noises everything else is learned

As we are born there is only one thing which we are all naturally scared of. When I share this information people often want to guess, often suggesting the dark, in reality we are not naturally fearful of the dark and have been taught to fear it as we grow up. The only thing that we are instinctively fearful of is sudden loud noise.

Phobias are learned, so they can be unlearned with hypnosis

Phobias then, are learned fears. Anything which can be learned can equally be unlearned and so whether it is flying, spiders, animals, heights or whatever phobia cures you seek, the effective treatments need to acknowledge that the fear has or had a purpose.

The use is now redundant

Phobias are complex and the use of the phobia, usually to protect the phobic person from painful feelings, has now become life limiting. 

How regression, taking you back to a long forgotten time in your life using hypnosis can help with phobias

Some phobias have long forgotten origins, if they were ever known at all. Sometimes, hypnosis can be used to regress them or take them back to an earlier time to identify where a phobia originated, its original purpose but also to release the barriers so that a sufferer is able to live without holding onto their phobia.

Phobia cures can be quick with hypnosis

Treating phobias  involves an approach using a range of phobia cures and techniques to help you gain awareness of the function of the phobia and find new ways to manage instead of maintaining the phobia.

Treatment of phobia with hypnotherapy is very common as it is so effective. The process uses a range of therapeutic techniques that get you to view the thing which you have currently have a phobic response to in a new and useful way, so that you no longer experience those unhelpful phobic feelings. Treatment can be done face to face but can also be done via Skype; very useful for many anxious clients.

What Phobias have I worked with?

I supported patients with flying fears, fear of dogs, heights, socialising, public speaking, starting relationships, being in public places and intimacy. Phobia is a condition which affects around 1 in 5 people and has many different forms but treatment using talking therapies and hypnosis is very affective and can allow people to get their lives back, feel in control again and feel calm and secure.

For more information to boost confidence, deal with the stress associated with phobias, build motivation to move your treatment forward check out the rest of the website.

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