Motivation Techniques

Motivation is the essential ingredient necessary for any idea to become a reality. Whether you want to get started on a mundane chore or if you want to make big changes in your life that will take planning, time and resilience; knowing how to create and maintain your enthusiasm and drive will help make things happen.This drive to get things done can be created just by using a few simple hypnotic techniques alongside some simple self management tools.

Loss of drive

Many of the challenges facing clients who access hypnosis have tried to make changes for themselves before they come into therapy. One of the key reasons that people have failed to reach their targets whether is becoming smoke-free, finding their healthy weight, addressing their addictive lifestyles, curing their phobias or restoring their confidence for example is that they lose their original drive and energy to keep the working towards their goal as challenges persist.

Other motivation techniques

Act as if. A brilliant technique to get you started when it is an activity that either gives you negative thoughts or you are currently depressed, lacking focus and have got into a rut losing sight of your own potential and purpose. Other approaches include break tasks down, have little rewards for starting, tell others and set yourself mini deadlines.

If it only takes a minute, then do it!

If it only takes a minute. A quick win approach to small tasks. Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks that are in front of you? Has the list got so big that it paralyses you with anxiety? Use the "If it only takes a minute" approach to get some re-energising quick wins under your belt and you will soon be back on form. As you see any job which needs doing, ask yourself how long will it take to do it. If it only takes a minute or so, do it now. This quick win approach will help with self esteem and stop your feeling overwhelmed by tasks.

The Ten Minute Blast

The Ten Minute Blast. Have you found some jobs just too big to even know where to get started? Use the Ten minute rule and get a result every time. All you need to do is start a job, but only to do it for ten minutes at maximum outcome. So if you are tidying a wardrobe, just do ten minutes and whatever you achieve is enough, then forget about it for now. This approach motivates you enough to carry on. but if it does not it is still a little closer to being complete.

Hypnosis for Motivation

Motivation, or lack of it is very common. Hypnosis can be a huge help with dealing a loss of focus and drive or for feeling overwhelmed. Hypnosis can help re-energise you to make changes get down to revision or start planning so that you can make those changes..

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