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Stay motivated when making changes by learning about the hidden obstacles which may undermine you and how to beat them. One of the biggest obstacles to face when making changes is displacement. This is someone dealing with any issue including addiction, weight, self harm anxiety and depression uses a distraction activity to avoid working on their key goal or to avoid focusing on how they feel.

Get better motivated by unblocking unconscious barriers

This process is a commonly used unconscious barrier or defence mechanism where the mind focuses on a new activity or a new goal because the original goal is deemed too unacceptable or dangerous to work on right now. Displacement techniques are used by anyone who have unhelpful or unpleasant feelings and are not skilled at managing them and so use other things to focus on instead of the things which give them these unpleasant feelings

A simple example when experiencing grief a person may occupy themselves by planning the funeral in meticulous detail so as not to experience the unpleasant feelings of grief.

For people who are seeking to make changes in their life they may find that they are displacing, or finding things to do which gets in the way of the changes that they are seeking to make. This would suggest that the thing which they do which is unhelpful also serves a secondary purpose which they are not yet able to identify. To get motivated use the techniques which surround this page on issues where avoidance is evident.

For example: A client may want to stop using drugs but keeps delaying when they will quit or reduce saying that they have too much to do to focus on this. The underlying issue may be that they fear failure and need support to deal with their self esteem before they will be motivated enough to make a concerted effort to end drug use.

Displacement is a common experience when attempting to make lifestyle changes and when you identify this characteristic of change within your own chosen change path, ask what benefit your current behaviour gives you. It could be that it keeps you in a relationship, gives you an economic benefit, it may give you responsibilities that you have never had before or it may be a fear of failure because you lack self confidence.

Figure out why your are displacing

Once you have identified the purpose of your displacement activity, the thing which is stopping you moving forwards, then it is this issue which you need to address, either personally or with professional help and then the thing that you seek to change will be easy to solve.

Hypnosis and other talking therapies are key to addressing displacement

Hypnosis can be used to identify some long forgotten reasons for adopting behaviours that are no longer useful. Regression Therapy in hypnotherapy, where a client is taken back to the point in their life when this unconscious thought or belief was first established can be used to help bring the purpose of the behaviour out into the open. Once apparent the displacement activities no longer persist.

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