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To motivate yourself to keep going when your plans get difficult it is essential to make sure that whilst you have your eyes focused on the big change you stay in touch with the basics too. Meeting your own personal needs is essential to have the resources and stamina to continue on your recovery journey when times get difficult. In the midst of addiction recovery there are times when the challenges facing an addict seem either insurmountable or just not worth the effort. Either way the governing resource you lack is the self esteem to recognise that you deserve and can access your recovery just like everyone else.

To build and nurture your self esteem it is essential that you are meeting your own basic emotional needs. It is essential that you do not be a martyr to whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. Motivate yourself by finding the simple things which make you happy and make time to do them alongside your bigger change plans.

Motivate yourself by meeting your emotional, economic, social and spiritual needs are met

These needs include social, physical, intellectual spiritual, emotional, economic needs amongst others. As you meet those needs you learn to feel more rested within yourself and feel fulfilled and complete. Aspects of the website will give guidance on how various aspects of your needs can be met.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Malsow an academic from the 1950’s described within his hierarchy of Needs  that people have to have their needs met in order to reach their bigger life goals which he referred to self actualisation.

When it comes to fundamental change work, whether addictive behaviours, weight issues or lifestyle issues like confidence or anxiety, the process of identifying and meeting your basic needs is crucial.

Build opportunities to meet your needs throughout your day

These basic but essential needs can be met through the day to day interactions which life can offer. By having friends and family contact, opportunities to exercise, be intellectually challenged and stimulated relative to your ability and interests, have opportunities to connect with your sense of awe within a framework of religion or via nature and have opportunities in your life to have some financial autonomy and do all this in a manner which allows all the other needs to be met will help develop your sense of self esteem and sense of self.

To motivate yourself, identify and meet your own basic needs, as this will lead to greater self esteem, confidence, resilience in adversity; whilst also development of your self and your identity and values. This will support you to deal with any difficulties in making changes as this sense of yourself and its’ values will give you the resilience to continue to change when difficulties arise and find the resources to find the motivation to continue to pursue changes through your life.

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