Mindfulness is a brilliantly simple technique to help you manage your awareness so that you fully experience all your emotions and sensations. This is a great technique that helps those with any issue which has an emotional connection to get back control in their lives. I have used the techniques to raise awareness with clients who have issues as diverse as addictions, anxiety, compulsions and weight management problems .


Some clients report that their issues and worries come from always thinking about things that were not good for them in their past or thinking about something in the future and worrying about what may or may not happen. This constant seeking out negative thoughts affects their confidence, motivation, increases their sense of helplessness and anxiety.Learning to live in the moment will change this way of thinking.


This technique is about being acutely aware of yourself, your breathing, all of your senses and about being in the moment, responding to the things that are real, occurring right now. It is a different, more useful way of thinking, instead of thinking about the events which you have no control over, which either occurred in the past or in the future.  This technique teaches you to not only be aware of the here and now but also to treasure it, value it and be thankful for what you are truly experiencing by focusing on the event.

Being mindful beats addiction, anxiety and depression

People who use these techniques are  more able to appreciate their lives, report lower anxiety and report less intense experience of depression. When in early recovery mindful awareness by using the techniques described below have been found to make those early difficult steps more successful.

Fill up on mindfulness not snacks

Research has shown that those who eat whilst watching tv report their food has less flavour than those who focus on their food. Research also shows that those who are distracted will eat more as they do not feel as satisfied by their food. By being more aware of what you are doing right now instead of being distracted connects you more with your mind and your body and serves to give greater satisfaction and contentment.

Mindfulness Techniques

Basic techniques include:

1) Use all your senses:

Focusing on your breathing to the exclusion of everything else. Notice your chest rising and falling. Notice how each thought affects you. Be alert to thoughts, and how they can deny you the experience of the here and now.

2) Slowing down:

Take time to experience things in detail.  Notice all When you eat, take only small mouthfuls and focus on the sensations of the food or drink in your mouth.

3) Concentrate on each sensation fully.

Notice the colours, shape and textures of what you see. Notice what you can smell. Notice what you feel, hot, cold, smooth, rough, soft, hard, but also your internal sensations too.

4) When looking at something, seek out the detail:

Notice the different colours, textures, tones, different hues, size shape of everything that you look at.

5) Be aware of the unique experiences of life:

AS you use your senses be aware only you are seeing PRECISELY what you see. Explore the unique things you find in life.

6) Explore internally:

Close your eyes and raise your awareness of what is happening within your body. Notice, warmth and cold, tingles and twitches, dull aches and soothing sensations. Fully immerse yourself in the moment both externally and internally to feel calm and able to make emotion free decisions.

Reduce Worry

Regularly practised, it will help you to reduce unnecessary worry but also offer more positive thoughts and feelings as you explore and appreciate living and being in the moment more and more. So start today, the benefits are immediate. Get more info on Mindfulness Here

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