Beat Low Self Esteem by finding positivity every day.

Low self esteem can undermine any thoughts of changing, even before you have done anything to try to change. One of the simplest and easiest ways of growing your confidence is learning to be positive and pat yourself on the back everyday. The One Thing You Have Learned Technique is a cost free tool which I teach my clients to value themselves and put the foundations in place to start those changes as soon as they come into therapy.

This simple out of trance hypnotic technique helps you see and experience the world in a more positive perspective, which in turn gives you the drive and self esteem to take on the challenges which have held you back so far. Each day find time to positively reflect, by asking yourself to identify one thing you have learned plus one thing you have done well.

Find positivity in your day

By making time to find positivity in your day, your thinking will become more positive and still remain realistic giving you the mental resources to make positive changes and the resilience to maintain those changes when times get difficult.

Reflective techniques do not have to be arduous. This technique is really effective at identifying the things that you should be proud of every day. People with low self esteem and a negative view of themselves have learned to reject or ignore anything that they could and should celebrate about themselves and this simple and easy to maintain therapeutic tool is excellent at reigniting that passion for valuing yourself and building your self esteem.

Self esteem is an essential ingredient to successful changes, whether you want to beat addictions, lose weight, address a depressive condition or want to end self harming.

Use tools that help you reflect on your successes honestly

Challenging your low Self esteem using by growing your own confidence is vital to find the emotional resources to keep your motivation going for the full 66 days in order to reach your goals. During that period there will be knocks to your confidence or your plans and it is the ability to source the resilience to keep the changes going.

Using the One Thing I Have Learned tool forces you to recognise that your day has helped you to grow. When people first use this tool they anticipate learning something very big or an academic type of learning. The purpose of this question is to be aware that had you not been present in the world today then you would not have learned something that you learned today. This can be as simple as someone’s name, their age or a hobby that they have. The tool is to recognise that unique to this day you have had an experience that you can share with others. This tool therefore allows you to have a point of personal growth but also gives you something to talk about to others as you grow your social resources.

One thing I have learned technique

After answering the One Thing I Have learned question you should answer The One Thing I Have Done Well question, which is again, unique to you and again it's purpose is to notice your own place in the world. The things that we can celebrate about ourselves should only be things that we value so if we have turned up on time, an issue for some addicts, have kept to our eating plan, an issue for those on weight management plans, or asked someone a question, a target for those who are working on their social anxiety then we can use that to celebrate our success today.

To further support this work these positive events can be added to our success diaries and can be integrated into goal setting and small step approaches to change.

Repeated practise of these tools will rapidly grow self esteem and build the resilience and confidence to work on other more demanding life issues.

More information about treating low self esteem

If you want more info about how to treat low self esteem contact me here for an online appointment using Skype or face to face in Sheffield UK. Treatments will include a mix of practical tools, new ways of thinking and being alongside CBT, NLP, Hypnosis and other tools.

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