Beat Low Esteem with Spirituality

Low esteem comes from a poor sense of self, sense of not being worthy, capable and low expectations of how others see you. To change this anyone with low self esteem needs to feel complete and have a life with purpose. Self esteem rests on feeling fulfilled. This fulfillment is based on life being in balance and many of your needs being met. The website has different ways to address each personal need. Some of the issues to raise self esteem include more social contact, learning assertiveness, changing the negative message that yo say to yourself as well as meeting one of your basic needs of feeling spiritually connected to your world instead of just a observer. This does not mean specifically god or gods, though for some it does, but a much broader personal sense of being a significant member of their world.

What does being spiritually connected really mean?

What spirituality means here is a deeper sense of connectivity to the world that you live in. There are a range of ways that someone feels spirituality connected with their world. For some people it is having ties with their own family and especially their children. This allows them to feel connected with their own children but also connects them with their own ancestry and their own connection to the world they live. They are also able to feel connected to future generations and feel connected beyond the here and now and have a deeper sense of belonging in their world. to raise your won self esteem you could reconnect with your family, spend more time talking and listening to them or you could go and research your local history or family history. Feeling connected is vital, so you could just connect with your community just by volunteering. You know what is right for you.

Beat low Esteem by reconnecting with nature

Some people feel connected spiritually by connecting with nature. You could meet your spirituality needs by walking in the country, climbing mountains or watching wildlife. For some people, who feel connected with nature they experience the extremes of the season with relish. So maybe take a Walk in the rain, snow, wild winds and feel a sense of connectivity by the might and power of the forces of nature during floods, gales or the serenity of a sunset.

Make time to fulfill your spirituality needs to beat low self esteem

Other ways in which people feel spiritually connected include religious connectivity and meet their spiritual needs through reading religious texts, performing and participating in religious observances and having a shared religious identity.

To prevent low esteem there is a need to recognise how your own spirituality needs can be met and to find time in your life to meet those needs.  Being able to meet your own spiritual needs helps build personal motivation and resilience during crisis.

Need more help to deal with low esteem

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