Treating Low Confidence with Hypnosis

Low Confidence is an issue which affects most people during their lives. Though many like to present themselves in public as though they are very confident; for many this is just a symptom of many of the messages about being able to cope which we have been given in our youth.

Confidence depends on what we are doing

Confidence is something which is not fixed, at times we have high self esteem and at others we have little confidence. We can be very confident about one thing and lack confidence about doing something else. For example you may be confident about driving a car but be fearful about driving a lorry.

Unnecessary Pressure to feel confident

This misunderstanding of how we experience confidence can put unnecessary pressure on someone because, instead of allowing someone to be honest about their confidence, they are told that they are just being silly or in a more macho environment they are not even able to say that they are not confident.

Self fulfilling prophecies

Doing any task when you experience low confidence, puts added pressure on you. If you feel confident and expect to perform well, the outcome becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. “I am good at this. I will do great,” becomes the norm.

The same is true for when you feel unconfident. The idea that you are not able to do a task, that you will make a mistake becomes a reality. This becomes a self-perpetuating cycle and so practise makes imperfect and reinforces that you cannot do something.

Low self esteem can come from a single traumatic event, the long standing messages of an individual or a combination of events, resulting in a person avoiding discovering their own true potential.

Throughout my entire career I have been working with people who have experienced issues around confidence and self esteem. When working with people with low self esteem I work to help the individual recognise their own potential, identify a safe and appropriate arena where this confidence can be nurtured and support the person to recognise and explore their potential.

Hypnosis and other tools

There are lots of ways of building self esteem, this site will suggests a host of different techniques and approaches that I use and you can adopt to nurture your self esteem and allow your confidence to grow day by day. Alongside these techniques, can can use hypnosis for life long changes.

What can you do to treat low confidence?

Treatment for low confidence is really affective and usually takes around 4 hours to make a significant difference. Treatment includes a mix of changing how you think, both about the task that you struggle with but also how you think about your self plus a strategic analysis of how you go about the task that you feel lacking in confidence with and offering more effective techniques for you. The typical things that you can find help for on this site and via therapy include low confidence around exams, driving tests, relationships, the workplace, dealing with others.

The specailist tools I offer include assertiveness training, which includes learning alnguage techniques to stop people make yo do things that you do not want to do. language techniqeus to get what you want without getting manipulated or frustrated, public speaking skills, daling with personal put downs byu others and negative wayus of talking about yourself. Other techniques include, CBT, NLP, Hypnosis, planning skills, amongst many more.

Need instant confidence for driving test or exams? Use hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping deal with self esteem and personal performance issues. Hypnosis is used frequently to support someone to sit a driving test, sit academic exams and to give presentations. At a more general stage, it is very effective at helping someone to boost their underlying confidence, sense of themselves and ability to value themselves in the world.

Online Therapy for low confidence and self esteem

I offer online therapy using Skype and appointments in person in Sheffield UK offering treatments incorporating CBT, mindfulness, psychodynamic approaches or hypnosis to achieve your goals contact me today at or send me a direct message on Twitter @hypnosisdave to arrange an appointment time.

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