Life changes take 66 days to complete

Life changes, breaking habits or establishing new patterns of how you do things takes on average 66 days to be fully ingrained in your whole lifestyle so that they are permanent changes. Therefore, if you are prepared to invest three months into doing things differently then you have a best change that by the end of that time it will become the way you will always do things for the future. 


Making small changes to reach your ideal goal tikes time and energy. Using the right techniques for you will help get the success you deserve.

Break down your goals to succeed long term

This research is useful for all types of changes so if you want to address addictions, weight management, getting fitter by exercising or to address issues like anxiety you need to break each topic down into individual unhelpful behaviour elements and then adopt and maintain new ways of doing each element of the activity for three months for lasting change.

Identify individual changes that you can sustain

Identify individual changes that you can sustain that are not dependent on other cahnge plans. For example: If you want to lose three stone, and one issue is over indulgence after work on a Friday night, which leads to a weekend of unhealthy eating. You may chose to have a healthy meal that you prepare on Thursday night to prevent the Friday binge.

This activity needs to be maintained for the next twelve weeks to re-write the association with Friday night as binge night. There will be scope for occasional meals out during this change period but this should serve to gain self control for the weekend. I used this technique alongside my self hypnosis to lose over 6 stone in less than a year.

Progress not perfection. The odd deviation from a plan is ok.

The research says that skipping a day is ok as long as the trend is actively towards the new behaviour. This research is a useful piece of information for you to plan out when is the best time for you to start to make changes and also suggests how long you must keep actively working on your change goals before the work you put in is likely to reward you with a new and more effective way of behaving.

Express all life changes in the positive

This approach emphasises why life changes should be outlined in the positive as it guides you to know what it is you should be doing each day to establish this new habit.

Need help making life changes?

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