Is Hypnosis Haram?

Is Hypnosis Haram (forbidden by Islamic Law)?

Hypnosis uses talking therapies to help someone to reach their goals. However the interpretation of those therapies needs to be decided by the patient and their spiritual guides. I have undertaken extensive research for my own understanding of the issue. The range of information is both conflicting and confusing.

If you are a practising muslim seeking to use hypnosis to help you to make positive changes in your life then speak to your own religious guides for help.

I and my fellow professionals are not equipped to offer any religious guidance and this question is directly concerns your faith and how you chose to interpret and adhere to that interpretation.

Professionally I have treated muslims who have investigated this issue and found that as the work involves positively helping them to protected their health (smoking) they were able to access this talking therapy just as they are able to access any other talking therapy.

Positive uses of hypnosis which will directly help your health

I have used hypnosis to a range of conditions which directly improved quality of life of my patients but also directly helped improve wellbeing and long term health, I have used hypnosis to support patients to lose weight and have used it to reduce my own weight by almost 7 stone allowing my own weight to be now classed as healthy. I have also used hypnosis to help people quit smoking, sleep better, break addictions and addictive behaviours including smoking and drug addiction.

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Is hypnosis Haram? The view of the National Council for Hypnotherapists.

I contacted the Ethics Director of my professional body for guidance before creating this page. Here are the comments.

"As with any religion, it is up
to individuals to decide if their actions are in accordance to their creed."

National Council of Hypnotherapists UK

What does the treatment consist of?

Hypnosis is a talking therapy which asks the patient to access motivation, recall or confidence from their mind. The therapist talks during treatment and the patient is able to listen or to focus on other things. Hypnosis is described by many patients as very relaxing, effective and enjoyable as a treatment which aids positive change. Despite that  it remains a decision for you alone to determine whether any actions are congruent with your own faith.

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