How do you hypnotise yourself using self hypnosis?

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To hypnotise yourself using the techniques employed by a trained hypnotherapist seems to some impossible. Self hypnosis is completely possible because one perspective of hypnosis, is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Hypnosis is a talking therapy and so if you are not prepared to listen and accept the messages and suggestions, then you will not make changes. If you want to learn to hypnotise your self using self hypnosis, you are not unusual. Many therapists, like me, teach self hypnosis which includes simple affirmations, points of pausing from one behaviour to adopt another, teaching the patient to get into a different mind set, so that the patient can operate in a more useful way, for example, when they are triggered to smoke or over eat, managing this trigger, staying calm and staying in control.

There are lots of ways to hypnotise yourself and put yourself into a light trance.

Follow the simple steps below and have a go.

Step 1 Before you hypnotise yourself plan what you want to change and the positive message you want to give yourself to reach your goals.

Either plan some useful messages you want to give yourself.

Useful messages which you may want to give yourself as you hypnotise yourself include:

I am a confident person

I am in control of my eating/drinking/gambling/spending.

I am calm

Or plan useful images, or a mix of both.

Useful images may include picturing yourself:


Living a healthy lifestyle

Being popular

Being confident.

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Step 2 Get in position.

Find a nice comfortable position before you start to hypnotise yourself and adopt a relaxed posture. You can be sat down, lay down or whatever works for you. Aim for an open body position so legs and arms uncrossed and something to rest you’re head on. You can do this sat in your car, in a supportive office chair on the sofa or lay on the floor.

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Step 3 set your eyes on the prize.

To hypnotise yourself close your eyes or shut out the world by focussing on a spot on the wall in the room you are in. Now, focus on what you want to change or do differently. This could be becoming slimmer, end excessive drinking, adopt a healthy (smoke-free) lifestyle. Set your goals around what you want, avoiding setting goals in negative terms. (I want to have fresh breath, more money to spend, better health instead of I don’t want to smoke).

Step 4 Relax into a new you.

Focus on your breathing. Slow deep calm breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth or if you prefer in and out through your mouth. Do this three times and then give your next breath after that a colour. It will be your colour of relaxation. Imagine it flowing into your lungs, getting deeper and deeper in colour as you continue to breathe slowly and calmly.

Step 5 Immerse your whole self in relaxation.

Notice as the colour in your lungs starts to spread around your body. Notice wherever it goes it releases all the tensions of that part of your body leaving you calm and relaxed. Notice how it spreads first to your toes and slowly up your body.

At the same time you will focus on your out breath. Each time you breathe out you will imagine that you are gently blowing all your troubles away and that they are floating deeper and deeper into space. Floating further and further away leaving you trouble free, tranquil and calm.

Once you have moved up your body to your head, you are ready for the next step.

Step 6 Hypnotise yourself into your hypnotic world.

Imagine yourself doing something you enjoy as you will repeat a version of it 10 times and with each time it will take you to a level of deep relaxation. This could be playing 10 holes of golf, watching your float and catching a fish, swimming past a buoy, driving passed the next service station whatever you enjoy doing. Whatever you choose use all your senses when you imagine the activity you enjoy doing.

An example for someone who enjoys swimming in the ocean would be:

Imagine yourself in the warm sea. You can see the crystal blue ocean with clear blue skies above with one gentle fluffy cloud moving slowly for the left to the right of the scene, hear the ocean waves and notice the tingling sensations on your body of the tiny bubbles escaping from under you as you swim toward as buoy. As you swim in these safe and supportive waters towards the next ten buoys, just in front of you, you will reward yourself by going deeper and deeper in trance.

Now start swimming, focus on the sensation of your strokes and what it feels like to be immersed in your enjoyable activity. Notice as you pass each buoy how much more relaxed you feel and by the time you are at number five you are very deeply relaxed, away from all other distractions and detached from you surroundings. By the time you reach number seven you can only feel, sense what is going on and that you are completely relaxed, by the time your pass eight you as tranquil, nine safe and silent and 10 completely serene.

As you pass the 10th you notice three rings in the water.

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Step 7 Hypnotise yourself with your hypnotic suggestion.

Each ring has a picture or a message written on it. The message could be a source of strength for dealing with your chosen goal. It may be to remain calm in difficult situations, it may be confidence or it may be even a picture of how you want to see yourself in a six months time’

Put on the rings and as you do read out the message or absorb the image and you will take on the power of each ring,

The message on the rings is your positive message for your self so it may be “I will remain calm in difficult situations or I am a good person or I will succeed any message or image which is positive and useful to your goals.

Step 8 Return as a new you.

When you have placed the rings on your fingers you can return to the start of your swim and as you get closer to the starting point you will become more aware of your surrounding until you are completely restored to the room.

Step 9: Discover a new you.

Repeated use of this self hypnosis technique will allow you to change. Some changes will be immediate, such as feeling and being able to feel relaxed, other changes may take more time.

As you practise self hypnosis, you will find the technique easier and easier to utilise so......................

Keep practising to keep growing

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