Are some people Not Hypnotisable or Unhypnotizable?

Some people claim that "I'm not hypnotisable"  because they have tried to be hypnotised but that it did not really work. Is it true that some people are unhypnotizable and that these people cannot be put in a trance?

To answer this question there is a need to understand what it may be like to have a trance experience. In reality the experience of trance for different people is very different.  If two people are hypnotised at the same time by the same person using the same technique they may, and almost certainly will report different experiences. Repeating that same technique at a different point will also offer another different set of experiences for the same person. This is because the experience of trance always changes. People who report that they have not been hypnotised are actually communicating that their expectations of trance was not met and not that they were not in trance.There is a lot of research on how people experience hypnosis and how engaged (or deep) they choose to go each time. There are many scales to which record how deep people allow each hypnotic experience,  read more information on these scales here.

I have yet to meet someone who is not hypnotisable

So are some people unhypnotizable? There remain some people who make this claim but in my experience it may be that they did not recognise any changes or those they were not able to access the experience trance at that time they tried to be hypnotised.

Trance can be experienced in very different ways, see the section on how deep do you go?

Analytical and people with low self esteem need more help to relax into hypnosis

Some people, especially those who are analytical by nature or lack self esteem report that they are not hypnotisable because they focus on the hypnotherapist and their words and fail to notice any changes which are taking place. For some people they experience a very light trance the first time they try hypnosis and do not recognise this as a trance experience as it is so light.

For some people they associate hypnosis as a form of thought control or a sign of being weak and so want to project that they cannot be hypnotised as it infers that they are themselves psychologically weak. For these reasons people want to convey that they are not hypnotisable and cannot therefore experience trance.

Everyone is hypnotisable.

In reality, naturally occurring trance situations are common place. We experience trance through out our daily lives, where we get absorbed by any experience which cuts us off from our immediate surroundings.

A skilled hypnotherapist can work with people who have these fears to give them the confidence to commit to a trance experience. Typically someone who is analytical may take two or three attempts to fully experience trance, whilst someone who is nervous or perceives the process as losing control or even being controlled will also find very quickly that trance is a restful and safe environment where long term planned changes can take place. People have no fear about experiencing a day dream or having such an intense focus on a film or a book to the extent that they are unaware of their surroundings and yet this is a typical naturally occuring trance state. The key difference is that a hypnotherapist guides you towards a trance state deliberately instead of the naturally occurring process which takes place during our daily activities and after the hypnotic experience will also guide you safely out so that you can get on with your daily plans.

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