A Hypnotic Voice – How much will I hear or remember?

The Hypnotic voice that you can hear when you are being hypnotised sounds different from person to person. Some people report that they hear the voice of the therapist very clearly with no identifiable changes. Many people say that during their hypnotic experience they did not notice the voice for very long and instead they had their own thoughts which stopped them listening or even noticing what the hypnotherapist was doing.

You will be hearing the hypnotic voice all the time, even if you are not aware of it.

In reality, hypnosis is a talking therapy where the client will only make changes if they are able to absorb the messages from the therapist or hypnotist. As clients who say they remember nothing still get the changes they seek they must be hearing something.

What does hypnosis sound like when you are in trance?

At the beginning of trance people report that you can clearly hear someone’s hypnotic voice and then it may begin to get a little distant and vague as you get more and more relaxed. Some people say that it feels like having a crash helmet on, or as if you are experiencing the world with your head under water where your hearing works but it feels muffled, disjointed and swooping in and out of emphasis and volume.

As hypnosis continues people may stop noticing or even stop hearing the hypnotherapist's voice as they get more and more intensely relaxed. When the experience is drawing to a close the therapist helps people to become more alert to their voice to help them be more focused on the real world. Despite this people often enjoy their hypnotic experience so much they try to ignore the invitation to return to the room as they know the soothing experience is ending.

Do people all behave the same in hypnosis?

People do not all behave the same in hypnosis. Some people want to focus on what is being said and are concerned that if they do not hear every word clearly the treatment will not work. these people or often very analytical by nature. Analytical people often report that hypnosis did not work the first time they have it. They report that it just felt like they were being spoken to whilst having their eyes closed. They report that hypnosis and the hypnotic voice was not different to  anything that they had experienced before. Typically for analytical people it can take a couple of sessions for them to settle in, fully relax and get connected with the full experience.

So for them they will report that hypnosis sounds exactly like any other experience. Very quickly, as they change from over analysis of the treatment to just relaxing, they go on to report a very different experience where the hypnotic voice sounds more distant, and is often something that they do not listen to nor notice. This usually happens because, by then, they have got a good understanding of what is going to happen and they are able to stop trying to control the process and instead get fully engaged with it.

Overall then, what you may hear during hypnosis varies form sounding just like having your eyes closed whilst someone is talking to a much more different experience where the hypnotherapist's voice is unheard as it is blocked out by the thoughts of the person whilst having their hypnotic experience.

Are there other times you may hear noise but have no conscious experience of it?

A typical example of where you can hear noise but have no conscious experience of it may be when you have the tv or the radio in the background whilst you are doing something else but you switch focus onto an article that your subconscious has directed  you to notice. This is common when, for example, a news story pings into your conscious mind. You were listening all the time but you may not know what you heard or what caused you to connect as you had not consciously heard the radio for some time. This is what it may sound like for you when you are in trance. Each time is different and so what it sounds like in trance, ultimately, depend on how deep into trance you are willing to allow yourself to go.

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