Use Hypnotherapy Sheffield to Quit Smoking

The Positive Hypnotherapy Sheffield Service has a long established history of helping people break all sorts of unhelpful habits from smoking, gambling, problematic alcohol use and other addictions. When it comes to quitting smoking it is vital to realise your motivation to quit and offset this against your reasons to stay a smoker. I have worked extensively to raise self esteem, manage anxiety and beat cravings which will give you all the tools you need to stop smoking.

Identify and Beat Your Triggers

Triggers are complex reminders that you were once a smoker. You may be triggered by lighting a candle, returning to a room or even a shop where you bought your tobacco from. In the early stages changing your routine will reduce triggers but it will not prevent them. Triggers can last a long time after cravings have gone. They are only thoughts, just like being triggered to your childhood you do not have to act on this reminder and it will go as quickly as it came.

Beat Cravings

Beating cravings is not easy but using the tools which can be found on this website you will find that you will be able to quit smoking forever and be more and more able to deal with anything which makes you want to have another cigarette. Cravings disappear after 10 days so using Positive Hypnotherapy Sheffield  treatments will support you to mange those first few tricky days and then you can enjoy the health, wealth and other benefits of being smoke free forever.

Beat Hunger Pangs and Weight Gain

Nicotine is a hunger suppressant so there may be a little weight gain as your body adjusts to it's natural weight. You may find that you want to put things in your mouth. There are products you can buy to replace the process of smoking but they only serve to remind you what you are not doing. Much better to find new ways of dealing and coping with this and soon this physical habit will be broken. Positive Hypnotherapy Sheffield can support with hypnotic suggestions which support you to manage your weight. Slight weight gain is far less dangerous to your health than continued smoking. Use my weight management tips to reach a healthy weight. Read how I lost 100 lbs using the very same suggestions and self hypnosis

Motivate Yourself

Motivation to stick at staying stopped is essential. Use the site to create motivation. See which is the most important motivating reason to quit. Is it money, health, seeing the kids grow up? I will support you to develop a personal target beyond not smoking, saving for a holiday or raising your general fitness. To maintain motivation you should set a target of what you want to achieve instead of what you do not want to be doing. Use Self affirmations, one thing I am proud of and all the other self esteem building tools to help you reach your goal. Positive Hypnotherapy Sheffield can help you maintain your motivation by offering hypnotic suggestions to feel positive and find creative ways to keep trying when you would normally have caved in.

I will support you to plan effectively for any period of change so that the plan pre-empts any potential issues such as starting the changes on the wrong day, having extra resources to help you deal with specif issues: for example I worked with a client who sucked mints whenever she had a craving. After a couple of weeks her smoking days were completely over and now cannot imagine returning back to smoking but continues to report that the mints were vital for her to get through the first 2 weeks.

Build Your Confidence

Any form of change can be scary. Sometimes the fear of failure limits how committed you are to sticking at change and instead find reasons to lapse. The section on seemingly irrelevant decisions will show how when we fear failure we actively sabotage our plans by making decisions that make it more likely that we will lapse. Positive Hypnotherapy Sheffield can offer suggestions and advice of how to make long lasting changes and permanent changes. Lapse can be seen as failure or as a point of learning. I will support you to be resilient when making changes so that any incidents of lapse are seen solely as individual events which you can learn from instead of an excuse to give up.

Manage Stress

Stress is often the underlying problem with lots of issues clients come to see me about. I will use my knowledge and skills to support you to identify and manage stress effectively. I can support you to make small changes and to reduce stress and also to manage the effects in a more sustainable and healthy manner. I can support you to develop assertiveness skills, effective anxiety management and quality sleep through both the Positive Hypnotherapy Sheffield Programmes and supportive therapeutic skills development.

Smoking generates stress as the body starts to withdraw from nicotine depletion. This stress is temporary but life stresses, those that nonsmokers deal with, without the instant gratification of nicotine are stresses which smokers will have to learn to adapt to. Simple stress relieving strategies such as being organised, setting realistic schedules, eating healthily and exercise will support you to maintain this new healthy lifestyle. Build healthy routines to support you and incorporate small stage rewards that boost confidence but also help reduce stress.

Defeat Boredom

Smoking took up a huge part of your life and dictated how long you sat for and even where you went to through parts of your day. Being released from that type of institutionalization takes some adjustment. Plan your day more completely, carry distraction resources, such as computer games on your phone or word searches to fill those moments that smoking absorbed. In a short time you will adjust but for now create clear routines to sustain you.

Find Something to Do with Your Hands

This is a really important part of the planning for quitting smoking. You have spent years occupying your hands so now they are unaccustomed to being free. You may need to carry something like a pen or a stress ball for a short time or even an ideas pad. The restlessness will dissolve in a short time so factor in this change. Positive Hypnotherapy Sheffield can support you to deal with these changes by using suggestions in trance to deal with this transitional anxiety. This tension will only last a short time. There are Millions of ex-smokers in the world. They have successfully coped with this change, you will be fine too.

Online help for Quitting smoking

I offer online therapy for people all over the world using Skype. As long as you have  access to a computer find out more about accessing therapy, whether it is CBT, mindfulness, psychodynamic approaches or hypnosis to achieve your goals contact me today at or send me a direct message on Twitter @hypnosisdave and I will arrange an appointment time.

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