Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction is one of the most common addictions. Addiction to Heroin is still a major addiction throughout the world and if you want to escape your addiction or want to support someone beat their own addiction this site has lots of useful and effective advice to do this.

I also offer confidential tailor made treatment to help clients break their addictive patterns, learn about themselves to understand why they used in the first place, individualised relapse prevention strategies and long term aftercare treatment to support you or someone you care for to move forward in their recovery.

Why is Heroin so addictive?

Heroin is a powerful drug whose ability to ease pain and block out feelings makes it very addictive. It does not change the world that an addict lives in but does change how they feel within that world. All the pain, fear, anxiety is gone when they use heroin. It is so effective that heroin users will continue to use when their health is deteriorating so badly, that their using patterns may do long term and often permanent damage to their body. Those heroin addicts who inject the drug  will often continue to inject despite their veins collapsing, their legs being amputated and the risk of infection, overdose and death.

Heroin users can quickly gain tolerance of heroin and so need to take the substance very regularly, often repeatedly during the day to deal with the effects of withdrawing. These effects can be described as “doing a rattle” due to the way they experience this pain. Heroin addiction can be totally cured but the patient needs to be supported to become free of heroin physically and also to access therapy to be free from the substance psychologically.

Addicts of Heroin like all addicts are intelligent and sensitive but they have lost the ability and self confidence to deal with the world around them and have learned to retreat into this using behaviour. Therapy can help them to make long lasting changes.

How can therapy help break the cycle of heroin addiction forever?

Alongside dedicated medication to deal with withdrawal an addict can break their physical dependence on heroin. However, to break their psychological dependence I can help you or a loved one change how to deal with the world, how you feel about yourself and give you a sense of direction in your life, a sense of purpose and give you the help you need to live a fulfilling life.

Treatment is not quick, but can be undertaken in a flexible way and so can be done remotely or face to face. I will offer a realistic timeframe with realistic goals. The website has a range of the tools and techniques to beat your heroin addiction. I will support you to learn and use these tools plus others too as they become relevant to your needs. I will help you move carefully through each phase of treatment such that you can exit and live the life you want, able to deal with the complexity of living without hiding from life but living life on life’s terms.

Dealing with Triggers, Cravings and Urges associated with Heroin addiction

Heroin treatment will include work to address triggers, cravings and urges as you learn to live without using. Treatment will give the knowledge and skill s of how best to manage all the common challenges which can result in lapse and relapse including tools to deal with Trigger, Cravings and how to deal with Urges. 

Treatment for heroin can also include hypnosis to embed all the learning to help you take back control of any thoughts or feelings that could risk your recovery.

How successful are these treatments?

I have been working with people affected by addiction throughout my entire career and have formally worked in the field in a variety of ways giving me experience of working with a range of people with a range of complex needs. I have worked in rehabs, secure units, psychiatric hospitals and within community settings and have developed these techniques during that time to meet the needs of my clients. Repeatedly clients have demonstrated a rapid change in self esteem, a rapid change in their belief in their ability to cope and this has been bourne out by their recovery. My work has been very effective, to such an extent that some of my fellow professionals began as my clients.

 How quickly can I fully recover?

A common question in addiction treatment is how quickly can this all be solved. Part of this is built on a behaviour of Instant Gratification which is a central way of thinking in addiction.

One mistaken assumption is that if you have had 10 years to active addiction then it will take just as long to move away from this. I use the analogy of a hair cut to explain how quickly addiction can be treated if you are willing to let the treatment do its job. It can take years to grow your hair long but it only takes seconds to snip those dead, lank bits of hair off revealing a new growth and new look.

People find their recoveries in their own time and at their own pace but some demonstrate a very rapid recovery. The fastest these techniques have lead to a client becoming a colleague is just under a year.

Online Therapy and support for Heroin Addiction

I offer online therapy for people all over the world using Skype. As long as you have  access to a computer find out more about accessing therapy, whether it is CBT, mindfulness, psychodynamic approaches or hypnosis to achieve your goals contact me today at dave@positive-hypnosis.info or send me a direct message on Twitter @hypnosisdave and I will arrange an appointment time.

Dare to Dream and let your recovery begin today

Access the right treatment for you and dare to imagine how different life will be in less than a year from now.

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