Guilty Feelings

Experiencing all consuming guilty feelings is a common problems people face when they are trying to make positive changes in their lives. Guilty feelings about what you said or did is really common with those trying to make changes. For people who are anxious,  learning to live beyond addictive behaviours, self harm, eating issues guilt is a huge obstacle to learn to manage. Guilt is one of the most destructive emotions that people experience. It has a key function to make us feel so unhappy with a behaviour that we do not repeat it. For some people though, it is present in so many spheres of their life it ends up causing people to repeat the behaviour they are trying to move away from.

We can feel guilty not only about what we have done but about who were are or who we have failed to become.

Some people feel trapped in a world of guilty feelings:

for example, being good enough, as a parent, a partner, a friend or even as a child. Other people experience guilt when others have suffered, even if they did nothing to cause this. This is most common with survivor’s guilt where those who are left behind choose to blame themselves for a random act or for not being with their loved ones as they passed away. Some people are consumed by guilt when they were only trying to help and the outcome was not what they intended.

Whilst for others guilt is a feeling they still have for an event they take full responsibility for whether they are responsible or not it stops them moving forwards and they find they punish themselves each day and are unable to let go, stop thinking about these events.

Some people are trapped by guilty feelings

The effects of guilt for some people is that they are so consumed by this emotions that they are unable to let go of these feelings and so are never really fully present in their own lives but instead stuck in the past. They may find that they cannot sleep, commit fully to relationships, affect their friends and family, struggle to eat, and are not able to enjoy the happiness of others because they do not believe they deserve to be happy.

How does guilt prevent you from moving on with your life?

Guilt is a key barrier to letting go of your past and making the changes to move on with your life.

Guilt not only stops you from letting go of past events but also limits your ability to think and act so that you are able to grow and find lasting peace as you try to get on with your life.

Guilt is damaging in a variety of ways. Not only does it keep you stuck in an event and an emotion but it also limits your desire to be yourself and experience life with all its potential emotions. Guilt is self limiting, it results in you not choosing to try things out in case you make the same mistakes again.

Guilt also makes you choose to talk to yourself in a way that others would not find acceptable nor would you talk or think about others the way you think about yourself.

How can therapy help?

Therapy can offer a range of immediately effective and longer term tools and techniques to let go of guilt and guilty feelings.


  • The tools will help you to step back from the event so that you are not long held prisoner by those feelings.
  • It can help you to see the events in their true perspective instead of through judgemental eyes.
  • Therapy can support you to see events in such a way that you are able to evolve and accept yourself fully and accept yourself as a person who will always have experiences that affect them but will now have the resources and the stamina to work through experiences which once were sources of guilt.
  • Therapy can help you to be kinder to yourself, to be truly honest to yourself and to give yourself permission to value yourself and all your limitations.

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