Due to increased workloads in addiction, anxiety and depression, I will not be running group work for the foreseeable future.

Group weight management sessions

When it comes to Group weight management there are no good foods or bad foods, no counting points, no obsessing about what you can and can’t eat. Nor are there any reward foods. There is no public weigh in. My own weight loss and sustained weight management has come from working with food rather than treating it as the enemy and using this programme can help you make long term changes too.

What can I expect during the sessions

The sessions consist of: 

  • Hypnosis, to support with, motivation, maintaining changes, confidence and using your subconscious to support you in this.
  • Specific techniques to manage destructive eating patterns such as snacking, overheating, bingeing, and emotional eating etc.
  • Techniques to deal with managing eating in varied environments, such as business meetings, buffets, office environment, meals out etc.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), to support you to have a greater range of choices and perspectives which helps keep you calm, relaxed, positive and resilient.
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), to help you understand how you choose to think can affect your moods and how you can change this and so change your moods. This is key to affecting emotional eating.
  • Research into what influences us to eat, what causes us to stop eating and the foods we are predisposed to eat. This will help you make choices where you are no longer at war with your body but eat in sync and in a calm and confident way.

How long is the programme?

Participating each week, for 10 sessions will give you a range of skills to help you manage your weight and further sessions can be attended to reinforce all the skills and knowledge you obtain.

How long are the group weight management sessions?

The groups will be approximately one hour per session.

The content will be a mix of all the techniques mentioned earlier and will touch on a mix of issues connected with group weight management. E.g. A session could  include approaches to deal with what to eat, where to eat, why we overeat and aspects of motivation towards healthier foods and disinclination towards less health foods.

The groups are for 10-15 and the sessions will reflect the needs of the group. This means that you get a whole body approach to weight loss as well as being be able to self focus on your own issues.

What will Hypnosis be like for me?

In Hypnosis  you can hear my voice, my suggestions and can use these supportive suggestions to support you after the sessions and into your longer term goals.

You may feel totally aware of your surroundings or choose to get absorbed by the calming and relaxing environment you choose for yourself during the hypnotic process. Use the Q and A section here to discover more about hypnosis.

After the sessions and beyond

You may find a new approach to eating. For me, it was a new pleasure in eating. Being able to appreciate my food instead of being focused on volume or not wasting anything. I found it easy to notice if I was bored, stressed, or hungry. Now I can recognise when I used to eat out of boredom or was snacking as I dealt with an issue or puzzle in my head instead of actually being hungry. I still enjoy meals out, food choices and can eat with my family.

How much will it cost?

Each group costs £10 per session attended and there are no further costs involved or products to buy.

The sessions are for me to pass on my knowledge and experience to help you learn and practise the skills of managing your weight and to support you at the start of your weight loss journey.

My personal experience

Since using these Group Weight Management techniques I have experienced a slow and steady weight loss, averaging less than 2 lb per week and now have a healthy weight, my BMI is around 24, I am around 6 stone lighter and around 12 inches smaller in the waist.

I have  never skipped a meal, nor have I fixated on food, obsessed about food, or cut any food or food group from my diet. I continue to socialise, eat out and entertain at home and found this new approach to eating both easy and refreshingly natural.

My partner has also lost weight as she absorbs my new interest in food by what I am choosing to eat.

Hypnosis has helped me focus on enjoying my food, whilst my friends have focused on my gradual return to a healthy weight. Find out more about my story here .

The weight is over
Bon appetite

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