Goal Setting builds Motivation to Succeed

reach for your goals

Goal setting to boost motivation and enrich your self esteem is key to making changes to treat issues like weight management, smoking, addictions and well-being issues like anxiety and depression.

Get Real To get success

Self esteem can be further enhanced by identifying realistic personal goals in the short term and working towards them and achieving them. It takes 66 days to make a small change such that it becomes natural so having lots of small goals makes the bigger goals of getting to your target weight or living without addictive behaviours more likely ot be a reality.

Beat Distractions

Without setting clearly defined goals it is easy to be distracted and become vulnerable to revisiting the old unhelpful habits and behaviours which your are seeking to break free from.

These goals do not have to be onerous, they can include getting errands done but could also include very personal goals that serve your spiritual or intellectual needs. So you could set goals around running a marathon or learning to cook a particular meal.

Organised instead of chaos to feel in control again

To achieve these goals it may mean that you have to become more organised, using your time better and building in time to achieve these goals.

To better manage your time to meet personal goals there may be a need to list your obligations, start using a calendar and a diary so that everything which needs to be done is achieved and that there remains time to meet your bigger personal goals.

Smart Goals to beat addiction and success

Get SMART to get successful

By using SMART targeting of your goals Which means that any goals should be specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resourced, although some people say realistic which is the same as achievable and then Time bound, so has a deadline. For weight management a SMART goal could be lose three stone in a year by healthy eating 3 balanced meals a day with flexibility for occasional treats at weekends. To be measured monthly aiming for average weight loss of 1lb per week.

Goal setting boosts confidence and self esteem

Clear SMART goal setting can boost self esteem as there is scope to see progress during the period of change and also opportunities to amend the approach if the plan is not realistic to meet your personality needs. With evolving self esteem it makes the person more resilient during times when changes are difficult and so this helps the change plans to be more successful. So if you want to change and make it a success be clear about your goals and adopt a level of self awareness and honesty to make the strategy realistic to your personal strengths.

Challenge complete cross finsih line and beat addictions

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