Get Motivated with The Ten Minute Blast

To get motivated when you have lost direction and drive can be as easy as wading through custard so use the Ten Minute Blast to awaken the energy that lies dormant in you.

This technique is great to use when people are displaying depressive conditions or anxiety about getting a task or series of tasks started. The objective is to do as much as possible in a fixed time. This technique is useful for gardening, domestic chores, studying for exams, sorting the family finances out, writing essays and any task which is long and repetitive. The purpose here is to achieve what you can in the time, not to complete any task. The Nike mantra of “just Do it” is a great motivational approach. Sometimes the size of a task appears daunting and overwhelming. So a great technique is to a Ten Minutes Blast at full concentration.

This is really good at building a sense of achievement and developing motivation because whatever is achieved is positive. It is an approach that does not set out to complete the task and so whatever is achieved in the timeframe is a successful outcome.

A good way to start is to put the kettle on and work on a task for 10 minutes knowing a refreshing drink awaits after the hard work. This helps to give a focus for the time employed, that they are doing something whilst waiting for the kettle instead of just doing the task. You could help keep your motivation going by putting on some music that you enjoy and listen to that as you get on with whatever task is on your hit list today. Music is a great natural motivator, so make sure tht the music is approrpiate to the task. High energy music is good for cleaning but perhaps not so ideal for intricate work like sewing, or studying.

A common outcome from this technique is that the person employing this approach by dedicating ten minutes to the task gets the feelings of someone who really enjoys the task as mentioned in Act As If and as a consequence continues to work on the task knowing they can quit whenever they like after ten minutes and often completes the task.

Regular use of this technique will get motivated in many aspects of their lives and with it grow self esteem, confidence, coping mechanisms and ultimately reduce the range of tasks in their life that they feel overwhelmed by, and finally becoming utterly self sufficient.

As you use the Ten Minute Blast notice how by getting on with a task it helps to promote your mental health.

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