Use Gamblers Anonymous or self hypnosis script to beat gambling problems

Many people use Gamblers Anonymous to address their betting problems. If GA is not for you try self hypnosis by recording this script using the self hypnosis page to help you.

Gambling self hypnosis script.


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Gambling hypnosis Script

The main body of the script


There have been times in your life when you thought you could not cope…. That you were not capable and that you needed to do something to distract yourself…. from life.

These distractions may have started out enjoyable, relaxing and, even fun. Times have changed and it is time for you to change too. These activates have stopped being helpful and are now stopping you.. it’s time for helping yourself, being truly happy, fulfilled, to be honest with yourself.

You are a very resourceful person and there have been times in your life when you have been very good at solving problems….., and as you remember times when you solved a problem,  I know that you know that you used your skills and creativity to resolve that and you will use that creativity to resolve this issue too .

Gambling has become an issue for you. It has been an issue for some time now. You are ready to address it and you know that all you need to do to stop this is never to bet again. Never placing another bet will free time up to do other things….there are many things that you enjoy doing that you will do instead…things that you really enjoy…with the company that is right for you.

And all you have to do is stop betting…

To help you complete this simple task you may find that you need to structure your day differently….start at a different time  and have different activities planned into your day….speaking to different people…doing things differently…

You may find that you may need to go to different places.. some people go to Gamblers anonymous...what ever is right for you ... you will know…to socialise differently ..... doing things that you have not done for some time …if ever. It’s great to restore healthy routines.

You have made it easier and easier for you to continue gambling. From now on you will make it harder and harder for you to place a bet. You will no longer carry more money than you need so that you do not gamble the rest. You will stop going to places where you used to place bets, if this is unavoidable then you will position yourself so that you are unable to be where you can place a bet. You will use your creativity to find healthy activities to fill the time you used to spend placing bets. You will spend more time with people who will support you to stop gambling and spend less time with people who would encourage you to gamble. You already know what changes you have to make and day by day you will enjoy making these new and unexpected changes. Day by day and week by week your enjoyment of life will grow more and more knowing that you have placed your last bet.

So if…in the future,…. if you try to place a bet you will picture a big stop sign in front of you and you will hear the word STOP. ….STOP. and you will stop what you are doing and leave where you are and go to a place where you cannot place a bet.

From now on you will see no longer gamble, you will think of gambling as boring, dull, a pointless activity which holds no interest for you. If you see any programmes about gambling you will change the channel or leave the room, you will find talk about gambling boring, even irritating and those who enthuse about gambling boring and irritating, and you will change the conversation or leave the room.

The final thing which will support you to continue to stop gambling is understanding why you gambled in the first place. You will find new and unexpected ways to manage how you feel…deal with your problems and call on any support or advice you need to. Perhaps you may need to take a course which helps you deal with your confidence, meet new friends, learn to be assertive or whatever will help you to fill the void that gambling once did. You will know what to do. Perhaps you may use your time researching appropriate techniques to improve your personal development.

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Then find a comfortable place to relax…listen to this recording regularly. Do not listen to this whilst driving or doing any task which takes concentration.

To access the support groups for gambling gamblers anonymous operates internationally and can be accessed online. if gamblers anonymous is not for you focus on changing your friendship and support network if they do not support your plans to STOP gambling.

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