Food Addiction

Food addiction like all addictive behaviour is a counter-productive mechanism to express how you truly feel, using food instead of clear, confident communication. Like all addictive behaviours, this is more than just eating too much. Food when it reaches addictive levels is a source of anxiety, a loss of control and something which has devastating consequences for the addict.


Using food to manage your emotions is common but may leave your feeling powerless, weak and confused. Treatment for this condition is complex but very effective and can be totally effective allowing you to live a full and productive life where food does not control your life and you have a stable healthy weight.

Why do people get addicted to food?

Research has found that certain foods impact on the same parts of the brain which addictive substances like heroin and cocaine stimulate. The food stuffs which do this are simple carbohydrates like white bread and pastries as well as sugar. This may explain why some people resort to overeating  and snacking on these foods but would not want an a piece of fruit if it was available. On these occasions people are not eating to satisfy hunger but instead using food to change their feelings, their moods and distract them from something which is causing them some for of emotional discomfort.

Treating food addiction

I have extensively history dealing with all forms of addictive behaviour and am able to support a food addict to regain control of their behaviour.

I use tools which support anyone with a food issue regain a healthy relationship with food and eating. This will allow someone to use food in a healthy manner and learn and develop the skills to communicate effectively so that they are able to manage their own mental health in a safe and successful manner.


Through hypnosis and various therapies, many of which are contained within the website I will help you to develop self awareness so that you can identify any negative emotions which you are feeling. Using assertiveness and confidence building techniques I will support you to be able to safely express those emotions and convey your own wishes so that others recognise and respect them.


Food addiction is a complex addiction to treat because it involves a substance which is essential to live and an activity that cannot be removed from normal healthy functioning. Despite that, hypnosis and therapies like CBT and tools such as Act As IF and One thing I have Learned will serve to impact massively on your self esteem and your behaviours such that you can be fully recovered from your addictive behaviour and able to live a life in recovery from addiction and live fulfilled and complete. Access support groups as part of your changes including FA.

Use the website to learn about how to deal with any addiction and how the tools and techniques can support you with your own behaviour.

To contact me for an appointment or to discuss how best to progress your treatment, use the contact form on the therapist page or call me. Use the contact button on the left column to find it.

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