I explain hypnosis by answering your questions.

To explain hypnosis is easier if you ask me the questions you want to know the answers to, so if you still can’t find the answer to your question - please contact me.

Q. What does it feel like when under hypnosis?

A. When people ask what does it feel like when you are in a trance or when you are under it is easier to start with what it is not like..more>

Q. A Hypnotic Voice – How much will I hear or remember?

A. The hypnotic voice under hypnosis or in a hypnotic trance is reported differently by people who have been hypnotised...more>

Q. Can you speak during hypnosis?

A. You can answer questions during trance and although you may have thoughts in your head it is really hard to muster the energy to share these...more>

Q. Can I get stuck in a trance?

A. One common question is around either being stuck in trance or whether you can come out of trance when you want to....more>

Q. Are some people not hypnotisable or unhypnotizable?

A. Some people like to share that they were hypnotised but that it did not really work because they are not hypnotisable...more>

Q. Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

A. Fear is one reason that people do not try hypnosis. People are often keen to discover is hypnosis dangerous before they will consider treatment...more>

Q. What’s the difference between stage hypnosis, hypnotherapy or positive hypnosis?

A. Many of the techniques used in both stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be the same however the key difference between stage hypnosis, hypnotherapy and positive hypnosis are about who benefits..more>

Q. Will you make me do something stupid?

A. No. A Positive Hypnotist is focussed solely on the positive benefits for the client, as clinical hypnosis is geared to treat the needs of the patient..more>

Q. Can you really hypnotise yourself?

A. One perspective of hypnosis is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis...more>

Q. Do some people go deeper during trance than others?

A. The idea of being deeper trances and what that really means is still debated in hypnosis research....more>

Q Can Chocoholics by hypnotised to hate chocolate?

A. Chocoholics and anyone who feels that they have no control over a food stuff often ask to be hypnotised....more>

If you have not found an answer to your question – Please use the email dave@positive-hypnosis.info or complete the contact positive hypnosis form with your question.

Q How can I check the someone practising hypnosis is skilled, ethical and insured?

A. There are a number of professional bodies for clinical hypnotherapists. Ethical trained and insured hypnotherapists are registered with The National Council Of Hypnotherapists, The General Hypnotherapy Register and the National Council of Psychotherapists and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

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