Exercise and Addiction

Exercise and addiction are now almost totally intertwined throughout professional treatments and If you want to take control of your addiction and your recovery you should investigate the types of physical activity which will help you to manage your own motivation and energy levels.


When it comes to beating addictions exercise is up there on the top rung of things which work to keep your recovery in check. Exercise, in all its various forms is an incredible recovery aid tool. It builds self esteem which it is critical to sustainable long term recovery. It does this by offering a mechanism to build structure into your week. It also naturally aides the release of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals the body produces without the need for pharmaceutical interventions.


Exercise and addiction treatment are interwoven because exercise is key to addressing many of the effects of addictive behaviours. Exercise, whether that is walking, dancing, using the gym or just being active these activities serve to burn off the excess energy released by the noradrenaline surging through any body which is exposed to heightened anxiety.

Regulate sleep

Being active uses this energy up. This has a secondary benefit for those in recovery, it helps to regulate disrupted sleep patterns.  Raising your heart rate through a natural activity helps to establish an effective sleep regime a common complaint from people in early addiction recovery. Good sleep experiences help us to feel refreshed, mentally alert and physically and mentally rested.


A rested and relaxed body helps create an all round feeling of well being. This feeling of well being and feeling energised also helps to build self esteem. Exercise, as a mechanism to energise also allows us to be more successful and have the mental and physical fitness to address more things in our day.

Exercise is a vital tool to establish a sustainable recovery as it also is a great way to increase social contact. Those in addiction often isolate or develop very superficial relationships as their focus lay on meeting the needs of their addiction. Exercise is a great vehicle to meet people. Exercise is useful for those early in recovery as it gives the recovering addict something else other than their recovery to talk about and something else to immerse themselves in.


By soaking up stray adrenaline and stress released chemicals, exercise paradoxically helps in becoming more energised whilst at he same time be calmer and less tense.

Whether we recognise it or not exercise is a normal daily experience. More recently exercise and formal exercise has been separated out. Exercise is any process which raises the heart rate and gets people moving.

Use exercise to connect with nature and the outside world

If you want to get a grip of your addiction and move forward in your recovery, schedule some regular exercise which takes you away from your home and allows you to connect with the world beyond your front door. Getting beyond your front door allows you to build motivation, self esteem and your self of personal wellbeing just by connecting with nature. For more inforamation on exercise and addiction follow this smart Recovery blog link.

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