Effective Weight Management and Dieting -
what is the difference

Effective weight management is the answer to many of the problems we have with weight gain today. If you read some of the more fanatical diet books out there, weight management and dieting can easily be mistaken for the same things. There are may doctors who are specialists in the field of weight, obesity collectively called bariatric medicine who would never diet nor would they view diets as anything other than short term, short sighted and largely a waste of time effort, money and pain such as Dr Ian Campbell.

In reality there are some key differences between the two. The split into WHAT you can eat, WHEN you can eat and HOW MUCH you can eat.

Diets are prescriptive


What you cant eat: Atkins, (no CARBS)

When to Eat. Eat, every few hours five or six small snack meals per day, or direct you to fast after a particular time or even every few days.

How much you can eat: WEIGHT WATCHERS.

Demonise Food

Some diets like the renowned Atkins diet appear to almost demonise certain foods or food groups.  The Atkins diet works, to limit the body’s access to carbohydrates and instead access the food intake around protein and fats.Others take the same draconian approach with either no dairy, gluten free, low GI etc.

Why do diets fail?

Diets tend to fail when they are this prescriptive because of the way the brain operates. Prescriptive diets suggest what can and what cannot be eaten. The brain operates such that it can not not think about something. This means that in order to not think about  something it first has to think about it to eradicate it from its thoughts, which by doing this, it has already thought about the thinking it is not thinking about.

Confused? Here’s an example to help.

Try not to think about this.........Don’t think of fried chicken. No don’t think of fried chicken, and especially not succulent and glistening fried chicken. So the more you remind yourself that you are not having something, because the diet you are on says I cannot have chicken, the more your mind thinks and then fixates on it.  By fixating on something, something that is not available to you, because the diet says it is not allowed to eat, then, the thing you are not allowed becomes more prominent in your thoughts, more desirable and ends up being something that you crave.

Your brain will try and outsmart your diet 

Our brain will find ways to outsmart diets. Diets fail, resulting in lost self esteem, feeling of failure, or even describing eating as cheating and restoring any weight changes and worse weighing more than at the start.

Effective weight management means never having to
"Be on a diet" again! 

Weight management is non-prescriptive and instead it is a process of small techniques that support mind and body to enjoy all the food eaten, be aware of grazing absent mindedly and reduce non-enjoyment eating. Effective Weight Management is a lifestyle of healthy eating. Using Weight management will mean NEVER HAVING TO DIET AGAIN.

I personally lost 100lbs and have maintained for three years. Using a mix of hypnosis, emotional eating management and working with the psychology of eating.

From this

To this

Weight loss of 100lbs in less than a year and maintained ever since.

Enjoy food forever

Weight management allows all foods to be eaten, with the focus on enjoying all foods, having a healthy relationship with all foods, getting portions right and using food to meet your hunger and appetite needs instead of being used to manage mental health issues such as boredom, anxiety, control issues and anger.

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