Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating Disorders include a wide range of conditions including, Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating. These eating issues are often grouped together despite how people use food because what unites them is that food is the focus of the anxiety and the way in which the person who has an eating issue manages their feelings. If you or someone you care for is seeking support for an eating issue, this page will outline my treatment approach and its potential effectiveness.

How quickly can treatment change my behaviour?

"Dave has helped me to make massive changes to my life in a matter of hours by giving me techniques and tools that are easy to put in place. We have focused on the future and on being positive. I needed someone to guide me through and he has done that, amazing!" A member of SYEDA (South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association). Find out what a woman who had an eating disorder for over 30 years said when she completed her treatment here.

What does therapy include?

The treatments I offer include a tailor made series of talking therapies to support the patient to take back control of thoughts, feelings and actions.

By using a clear, solution focused, instead of problem focused approach and a tool kit to deal with specific issues in your life, the therapy allows the confusion and anxiety to subside quickly whilst also allowing you to identify who you really are beyond your condition.

For those with sleep issues and panic I can offer auricular acupuncture and will also teach you breathing techniques, self hypnosis and also I will use hypnosis to help cement your learning.

All work is supported by personalised homeworks to sustain your learning in therapy.

There may be tears but there is a lot of laughter in my therapy too.

Raising Awareness

The therapy is designed to raise awareness of what you are really experiencing and where those unhelpful feelings are coming from. Using CBT, NLP and hypnosis, I will help you fully understand the way in which you experience the world impacts on how you feel. I will then design and give you a unique and totally personal toolkit which will help you deal with situations in your life that have previously undermined your confidence and triggered you to adopt your eating behaviour to deal with those feelings. 

Eating disorder recovery toolkit

Throughout therapy I will work with you to restore your confidence and self esteem. We will examine ways for you to feel the way that you deserve to. I will support you to fully accept yourself, value yourself and recognise that you have just as much right to enjoy life as everyone else, no more and more importantly no less.

I will use our time together to help you identify what motivates you, what inspires you and what is missing in your life to help you feel connected to your own world.

Let's treat the cause not the symptom

Eating disorders are not really about food. It is just the evidence that you are not happy, you have unhelpful thoughts or  feelings that you find difficult to manage. As part of treatment I will support you, not only to manage those thoughts, but to replace them with a range of more positive ways of feeling and being.

The key to treatment is to help you feel motivated, comfortable in your own skin and fulfilled.

Learn to live your life instead of someone else's

When working with people who have an eating disorders, it is common for people to report that they feel like they are often living someone else's life. Some people report that although others see them as successful, pretty, highly capable, they themselves feel like a fraud, fearful that they will be found out, even though there is no real evidence to support this self doubt. As part of the work I do I will help you to discover the real you, to identify and locate that void in your life and support you to do the things in your life that are really important to you. At this stage many clients doubt that they will ever discover the real "them."

Dealing with Eating Disorder Lapse and Relapse

Eating disorders treatment will include work to address triggers, cravings and urges as you learn to live without using. Treatment will give the knowlevdve and skill s of how best to manage all the common challenges which can result in lapse and relapse including tools to deal with Trigger, Cravings and how to deal with Urges. 

Treatment for eating disorders can also include hypnosis to embed all the learning to help you take back control of any thoughts or feelings that could risk your recovery.

Eating disorders can last years but can be treated in hours

For many people with eating disorders, their self esteem is so low that they imagine that a condition that they have lived with for years will take just as many years to resolve. I have worked with people who have a lifetime of eating disorders and they still make the progress as long as they commit to the work. In reality if you have the right tools for you and you have the confidence to apply them, a confidence that therapy will support you to access, then progress can be very swift. Everyone is unique but many issue are resolved in a few sessions.

Book your free 30 min appointment today

I offer a free 30 minutes appointment to any clients unsure if therapy is right for you. You can use this time to ask any questions or just to check out that you feel comfortable working with me. It is vital that you get the right therapist for you, so use this time to find our how therapy can support you to take back control of your life.. I offer unique individually designed tool-kits and action plans to help you address the root causes of your Eating issues.

Online Appointments via Skype or face to face appointments in Sheffield. Contact Positive Hypnosis here to book a time where we can both discuss your needs and you can find out how therapy can help you recovery from eating disorders today or call (+44) 07981 974 796.

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