Drug Addiction in Sheffield

Sheffield drug counsellor and addiction specialist Dave Kneeshaw explains how treatment for drug addiction in Sheffield can bring a lifelong recovery

Drug addiction in Sheffield is one of the most common addictions and is one of the hardest to treat. Addiction to Drugs, whether it's heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, MCAT or prescription medications is one of the most demanding challenges someone can face and if you want to escape your addiction or want to support someone beat their own addiction this site has lots of useful and effective advice to do this.

I also offer confidential tailor made treatment to help clients break their addictive patterns, by helping addicts and problem drinkers learn about themselves and behaviours, allowing an understand why people use in the first place. As part of the personalised treatment I offer I also develop  realistic individualised relapse prevention strategies and long term aftercare treatment to support people to move forward into lifelong recovery.

Why is Drug addiction in Sheffield so common?

Drug addiction in Sheffield  is so common because people use chemicals to change how they feel or to manage their pain.  Drugs do not have a lasting impact on the things which drug users want to block out and so end up in a cycle of prolonged drug using. It does not change the world that an addictive lives in but does change how they feel within that world. Addictive behaviour reduces the pain, fear, depressive sypmtoms and anxious feelings. It is so effective that drug users will continue to use when their health is deteriorating so badly that their using patterns may do long term and often permanent damage to their body.

Drug addicts, like all addicts are intelligent and sensitive people but they have lost the ability and self confidence to deal with the world around them and have learned to retreat into this using behaviour.. Therapy can help them to make the behavioural and psychological changes necessary to break that addiction to drugs.

How therapy can help break the cycle of drug addiction forever?

Alongside dedicated medication to deal with withdrawal an addict can break their physical dependence on drugs. However, to break their psychological dependence, therapy is necessary to make lasting changes. Through therapy I can help you or a loved one change how to deal with the world, how you feel about yourself and give you a new purposeful sense of direction in life plus give you the help necessary to live a fulfilling life.

Treatment is not a quick fix, but can be done remotely or face to face. I will offer a realistic time-frame with realistic goals. The website has a range of the tools and techniques to beat drug addiction. I will support you to learn and use these tools plus many, as they become relevant to your needs. I will help you move carefully through each phase of treatment such that you can exit and live the life you want, able to deal with the complexity of living without hiding from life but living life on life’s terms.

How successful are treatments for Drug addiction in Sheffield?

I have been working with people affected by addiction throughout my entire career and have formally worked with a wide range of people and addiction issues. I have worked in rehabs, secure units, psychiatric hospitals and within community setting and have developed these techniques during that time to meet the needs of my clients. Repeatedly clients have demonstrated a rapid change in self esteem, a rapid change in their belief in their ability to cope and this has been bourne out by their recovery. My work has been very effective, to such an extent that some of my fellow professionals began as my clients.

How quickly can I fully recover?

A common question in addiction treatment is how quickly can this all be solved. Part of this is built on a behaviour of Instant Gratification which is a central way of thinking in addiction.

One mistaken assumption is that if you have had 10 years in active addiction then it will take just as long to move away from this. I use the analogy of a hair cut to explain how quickly addiction can be treated if you are willing to let the treatment do it's job. It can take years to grow your hair long but it only takes seconds to snip those dead, lank bits of hair off revealing a new growth and a brand new you underneath.

Some clients have completed treatment in a dozen sessions, initially weekly appointments and then spaced so that people practise dealing with triggers, cravings and urges away from sessions and applying the learning at the next sessions.

What is treatment like for drug addiction in Sheffield like?

Treatment for addiction is tailored to your needs and can include works around :

  • Triggers, cravings and urges.
  • Breaking habits.
  • Self esteem works so that you trust yourself more and have the confidence to do the things that currently generate fear and anxiety.
  • Tools to treat yourself kindly including how you also others to treat you.
  • Tools to let go of guilt both for how you feel about your current using, the things you have done to sustain your addiction and also the things you have done away from your addiction that still give you a desire to use instead of connecting with those feelings.
  • Reductions programmes
  • Lapse and relapse prevention works.
  • Aftercare. This is key to keep you moving forwards as you using currently occupies your thoughts, your time and your sense of who you are. Aftercare related works will help you connect and utilise the skill and qualities that have been lost through your using. These elements of you are dormant not lost.

What my clients have said and achieved

Alongside my work in rehab, where I have worked with around a thousand people deal with all forms of substance issues, I have had clients with drug addiction in Sheffield, who have long term active addiction and who have come into treatment still at that point who have completely recovered in a relatively short time. I have worked with someone who had well over two decades with active heroin using alongside many people who have cocaine, alcohol or others substances in their lives, more information about clients experiences here.

Book your free 30 minute appointment today and find out how Therapy can support you

To find our how therapy can support you to take back control of your life, book your free 30 minute appointment today. I offer unique individually designed tool-kits and action plans to help you address the root causes of your drug use and sustain your abstinence.

Online therapy

I offer online therapy for people all over the world using Skype. As long as you have  access to a computer I can support you to recover. To find out more about accessing therapy, whether it is CBT, mindfulness, psychodynamic approaches or hypnosis to achieve your goals contact me today at dave@positive-hypnosis.info or send me a direct message on Twitter @hypnosisdave and I will arrange an appointment time.

Dare to dream and start your recovery today.

Access the right treatment for you and dare to imagine how different life will be in less than a year from now.

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