Create Positive affirmations to build self esteem

How to Create Positive Affirmations

Before we learn how to create positive affirmations we need to consider what they are and what they can do for us. What we say to ourselves has a massive impact on how we think about ourselves. This impacts on the way we feel about ourselves, leading to how we behave now and in the future.

To improve what happens in the future, to reduce anxiety, stress, and increase the positive experiences in our lives, changing what we tell ourselves is an easy way to make long lasting changes.

5 Easy steps to create positive affirmations

1) Always talk in the present tense


e.g.      I am feeling calm and relaxed

I am eating calmly and confidently

I know when I am full

I stop eating when I am full



2) Say it like you mean it….. Use the Act As If Principle ( to support you. First act as if you mean it and the feelings will follow if you focus your attention.



3) Say your positive affirmation and act it out as this will allow you to completely immerse yourself into the new way of being and acting.



4) Always speak and think in the positive. Say what you are doing instead of what you will be stopping doing. e.g.



I’m not smoking 

 I don’t swear 

 I’ve stopped over eating 

 I don’t crash diet anymore

I don’t panic 

I will not get anxious 

I wont worry


I am enjoying being healthy NOW

I am speaking elegantly NOW

I am controlling my eating NOW

I am eating sensibly NOW

I am in control right NOW

I am calm and relaxed NOW

I am aware of my world and enjoy it.

Some suggestions of affirmations that may help you

I enjoy knowing I can leave any situation that I choose.

I use my worklife to make a difference

 My thoughts rest until the morning.

 I begin with expectation of opportunities.

 I willfully refuse to fall victim to residing in a state of panic by preparing for my future.

 I follow my dreams no matter what.

 Every situation and problem has a solution,  I seek my solution with total commitment

I seek a new way of thinking about this situation.

 I know the answer I seek waits for me, even if I am not seeing it.

 I celebrate the life I lead

 I am happy in my own skin and accept my own situation.

 I see myself as the gift I am to my people and community and nation.

I am more than good enough and I get better every day.

 I give up the right to criticize myself.

 I fully approve of who I am, even as I get better.

 I must know what awaits me at the end of this journey so I do not give up.

The past has no power and no hold over me anymore.

For more free affirmations of you want to share some you have created head to The free affirmations website here.

5) Repeat and enjoy watching the new you evolve.

Using affirmations daily as part of your routine will help you to improve how you feel about yourself and give you more motivation to do new things. By using this simple technique you will learn to accept yourself but also to recognise your own ability to be the success that you want to be.

Use a range of different affirmations but all centred on the thing that you want to change. Incorporate expressions like "I truely accept myself" I am succeeding everyday" " Everyday I am learning and growing and connect that with the thing that you most want to hahnge and you will exprience long lasting and significant change allowing you to find greater aned greter fulfilment as you encounter more and more evidence of your own ability.

Positive affirmations are not enough

Besides affirmations you need to act and so to help you move forwards also do a little more each day,

Get out more.

Write a plan of your day and execute it.

Connect with others and see advice and feedback about how you are doing with your own goals.

Build deadlines to encourage you to act.

keep any plans visible to remind you what you could be doing to make your life better.

Enjoy the journey because there will be delays; use that time to refelct and evaluate what you are doing and spot a better way of moving forwards.

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