Can a Chocoholic be Hypnotised to
hate certain foods?

A chocoholic is someone who has a love of chocolate to the extent that they have little control over it. Some foods can be really hard to resist and so it is common for some people to resort to drastic measures to deal with their cravings resulting in the often asked question “Can I be hypnotised to dislike certain foods?” |The type of hypnosis where someone is hypsnotised to dislike something is called Aversion Hypnosis.


In principle it is possible for self proclaimed chocoholics and those who feel they have no control over other foods stuffs to be hypnotised to dislike a particular food. As a hypnotherapist, I am able to offer this as a solution to help manage weight or bingeing. Whilst I do offer this treatment, I offer it in conjunction with treating the other, underlying issues. People struggle with their weight due to a host of reasons see 25 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to learn more about weight management.

Hypnosis for change


People who ask to be hypnotised to hate any food stuff should consider if they want this to be a temporary dislike which will decline once they have learned all the skills to managing their weight or if they would like it to be permanent. Choosing to stop permanently so that you can never have a piece of chocolate is very disempowering. It suggests that chocolate has control over you and by choosing to hate it forever you will never regain control from it again.

Can I Hypnotise People to Hate Substances for those with Drug Addiction and Alcoholism?

I can treat people to dislike substances using hypnosis but I work with addiction practitioners to make sure the treatment is appropriate.


Alcohol users, for example may need to cut down slowly making a sudden dislike is very dangerous. Sudden stopping of alcohol use can and does lead to fitting, so seek professional help before making sudden changes.

Alternatives to hypnosis for Addictions

When dealing with dangerous addictions like heroin or alcohol there are treatments which can be prescribed to prevent drugs working or make a person very ill if they took the drug. This medicine, prescribed by professionals is used to prevent relapse and the risk of death. Chocolate and other food stuffs do not have that high level of risk associated with them. Just because you can be hypnotised, it is important to address reasons for overeating. Using Aversion Hypnsosis does not treat any underlying reasons for bingeing on  food.

Treat the Cause not the Symptom

As a therapist I would encourage the client to allow me to support them to identify and treat this issue so that they felt more positive about certain situations and were able to manage them independently instead of using a particular foodstuff to sanitise their thoughts and feelings.


Recent research has shown that some foods such as sugar and simple carbohydrates affect the same parts of the brain that heroin and alcohol affect. This suggests that people are using food to deal with their negative emotions and feelings, just as addicts do.

Learn to love food instead of hate chocolate

It would be much more beneficial to the chocoholic to support them to deal with those feelings effectively instead of denying them the food that they use to deal with it at the moment. Once properly dealt with the client would not need to overindulge but could instead be able to savour and enjoy that food stuff as others do. The risk of not treating the underlying issue, the real cause of weight gain and instead focusing on the foodstuff, the symptom, is that the problem will emerge in another unhelpful way, such as bingeing on, or overeating another food stuff.

Unknown ingredients could make you ill!

To use hypnosis to dislike a particular food stuff is very straight forward. You could get someone to associate it with all the things which they find repulsive so that each time they smell it they would feel sick. This is not always useful though, because there are times when you may eat something whilst unaware of its contents and so would be ill even though you would normally have been happy to do so. The other main reason that I am reluctant to treat someone in this way is that it is very dis-empowering. It suggests that, for now and for ever, a food stuff can control you when in reality with effective treatment you could gain control over this and the key underlying issue in your life with the right profession support. Whether a chocoholic or a bread snacker, the choice is yours!

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