Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia treatment should be taiofred to your own circumstances and focus on what the underlying issues are for you. by addressing the feelings that drive you to binge eat and purge then you will find a lasting recovery.

How my bulimia treatment will support you to move forwards.

Treatment is different for everybody but what is common for all the people I work with is that purging helps getting rid of the emotional pain that someone who is bulimic is experivneing at that time.

Purging then needs be addressed as a habit in itself. So treatment will be a mix of addressing the behaviour but most importantly the reasons for that behaviour.

Bulimia treatment in Sheffield of on Skype

Treatment can take place in person in Sheffield and I also work nationally and internationally using video conferencing like Skype. Whichever approach you choose we will use the assessment to identify some of the main reasons in your life, current but also historic that create the feelings that are so painful that you feel the need to purge in order to discharge and temporarily free yourself from.

Common issues that Bulimia therapy can include

Everyone's experience of bulimia is unique and despite that there are many common things that unite the clients who come to me for therapy. You may recognise some of the commonest issues here that relate to you whilst others have no significance in your life:

Areas that we typically work on alongside the habits of destructive eating include:

Guilt, sometime around key events in the past but also around the bulimia itself.

Self esteem Who you feel about yourself and how you see yourself and value in the world is an area that is very typical  and as we address this then the drive to purge become less and less intense.

Body Image. This is not central to all clients but is often common as an instigator of the habit and then it is used to help manage more general feelings. 

Self Anger: Internealised anger and negative self talk or talking to yourself in a way that you would not speak to others is also really common.

Reationship to food, both historic and also current. By addressing this and finding a better relationship then progress can be siginficant.

Trauma. Fo some people a traumatic event including how the clients has been affected by a key relationship also can be key piece of work.

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